Yes, You Have A Zodiac Tarot Card — Here's What It Says About You

Yes, You Have A Zodiac Tarot Card — Here's What It Says About YouYes, You Have A Zodiac Tarot Card — Here's What It Says About You

Your personal zodiac tarot card can give you extra clues about who you are and can be.

In the realm of magic, many practices can be cross-referenced to paint a fuller, more colourful picture of you. If you’ve ever gone down a rabbit hole taking a bunch of personality tests online, astrology mixed with tarot will be right up your alley. Astrology takes the movement of celestial bodies up in the sky to help map out what’s happening on Earth. The tarot is a 78-card system based on archetypes and human experiences. Combined, these two areas of woowoo study can fetch you insight that crosses both the practical and magical worlds.

Check out your zodiac tarot card and discover the pros and cons of your astro-personality.


Zodiac Tarot Card: The Emperor

Ruled by Mars, the god of war, The Emperor is not afraid to put herself out there and take all the space she needs. Just as Aries trail blazes, the Emperor leads confidently and without question. She’ll head a project, come up with a game plan that considers the next 5, 10, 100 steps; and will willingly step in front of a crowd and get everyone’s support. Watch out for extreme self-assuredness, the Emperor can get ahead of herself.


Zodiac Tarot Card: The Hierophant

Taurus will fluff up their comfort zone as much as possible so they never have to leave it. Similarly, the Hierophant is someone who feels super comfortable in fixed systems and institutions that make her feel protected and covered. Think of someone working in the academe who’ll gladly follow all the rules, no matter how archaic they are—just because it’s comfortable and easy. Smart and a problem fixer, this is a stubborn one too.


Zodiac Tarot Card: The Lovers

It’s no surprise that the twins of the zodiac are represented by a card symbolizing duality, The Lovers. Geminis as depicted by the Lovers easily slip in and out of moods, sometimes at a haphazard phase. They’ll wake up bright and bushy-tailed, and end the day feeling down and solitary. Though unpredictable, the Lovers’ ability to embody yin and yang make them some of the best conversationalists in tarot and astrology.


Zodiac Tarot Card: The Chariot

Cancer, as the crab, has a tough shell but is all gushy, emotional and vulnerable inside. As the Chariot, they move forward in the world at a swift pace, fueled by their unique ability to bring their walls down and expose themselves raw. Just as a charioteer needs to steer his horses so he goes down the right path,  Cancer’s challenge is to navigate their emotions so they balance out their vulnerability and resilience.


Zodiac Tarot Card: Strength

Leos are all heart—extremely generous of their care, nurturing and love to others. They are represented by Strength in the tarot, a perfect manifestation of their expansive personalities that tend to dominate the scene. This card in the tarot also talks about inner strength—how someone’s brute force can be tempered by their compassion and kindness. Leos are really big softies, whose flashy exterior fades the deeper their love is.


Zodiac Tarot Card: The Hermit

There isn’t a Virgo in the world who hasn’t spent an inordinate amount of time at home, tinkering with organizational chores, the laundry and other domestic issues. The Hermit is willing to forego social interaction to turn in and just do solitary activities. It’s her way of tuning out the chaos and noise of the outside world to reset and recharge. Watch out for the tendency to isolate from society! No Virgo is an island.


Zodiac Tarot Card: Justice

The scales represent both Libra and the tarot’s Justice card, emphasizing how these folks need to have everything just soin their lives. Whether that’s having a perfectly styled home (just check their Instagram feed for proof) or mediating relationships like they have a law degree, those born with the Justice card can’t stand it when something’s off in their world. Want to start a revolution? Call on the Justice league.


Zodiac Tarot Card: Death

There is no depth that a Scorpio won’t plunge, and that means they’re ready to move into the mystery of the Death card without batting an eyelash. Death is all about letting go of baggage, sometimes through a really painful process, in order to transform and move on. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is all about major transformation but needs to remember that not everything needs to be doused in drama.


Zodiac Tarot Card: Temperance

The adventurers and deep thinkers of the zodiac, Sagittarius is all about moving forward for the good of the collective (no wonder they love roaming the world). Temperance marks a forward action too—it’s being able to reconcile everything that’s happened to you so you can start focusing on soul growth. When Sagittarius is out of alignment, they can rush forward with bits and bobs still left unresolved. There’s no need to rush it.


Zodiac Tarot Card: The Devil

Why so serious, Capricorn? It’s because the hardest workers and most disciplined folks of the zodiac are ruled by the Devil. This card represents are tendencies to go overboard with our tendencies. That can mean a Capricorn who’s burning the midnight oil because they’re so unnecessarily serious about getting that deadline beat. Let a Capricorn loose whoever and they can have way too many drinks, partying (that’s easily the Devil too).


Zodiac Tarot Card: The Star

These social butterflies flit from one group to the next in all earnestness because they feel they can do a lot of good for everyone. This is exactly the quality of the Star card, which comes as a refreshing healer, helping folks (and themselves) move on to better times. When out of alignment, philosophical Aquarius can be in denial that she’s got her own traumas to heal and can mask it with their busy social lives.

Yes, You Have A Zodiac Tarot Card — Heres What It Says About You 

Zodiac Tarot Card: The Moon

Pisces are some of the most understanding folks in the zodiac. Their compassionate quality becomes a great foundation for friendships that last for decades. Represented by the Moon, their ability to understand others comes from how they’re able to see someone’s light and shadow aspects without judgment. This doesn’t mean that Pisces doesn’t have a lot of personal issues too, their peaceful façade belies all the dark stuff underneath.

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