Zodiac Signs In The Workplace: How To Handle Your Boss

Zodiac Signs In The Workplace: How To Handle Your BossZodiac Signs In The Workplace: How To Handle Your Boss

Want to make a good impression? Run through the zodiac signs in the workplace, spot your boss's sign, and start working those moves at the office.

Whether you’re working in a huge multinational or navigating the waters of a start-up, you can’t avoid interacting with people at work. Figuring out how to butter up your boss, minimize any workplace drama, or be the best employee possible is just a small part of giving a stellar performance at the office. By learning the ropes when it comes to your boss’s personality traits, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favour as part of the workforce. Read up on the different zodiac signs in the workplace and discover how to navigate the waters by learning to work with different personalities.


When your boss is in the zone, you just know that your Google calendar will be filled with deadlines, demands, requests and meetings. The only way to score brownie points the Aries boss is to up your performance until you win Employee of the Year. The bare minimum isn’t going to cut it. Known for a scorching hot temper, you never want to be on the bad side of this intense, prone-to-flare-ups figure.


You’ve got to pay attention whenever your boss talks to you, delivers an order, or forwards a job request. The Taurus boss has zero patience for someone who needs things explained twice, thrice, or four times. Documentation is key for this one—get all your facts straight and always keep a paper trail. Among all the zodiac signs in the workplace, this one's easy to please—all you have to do is offer solid fixes and solutions. You'll know your rep at the office is good when he takes your team out to dinner.


Collaboration is this guy’s middle name. And it seems like the Gemini boss is into collaboration so much because he’d rather have his team run the show than have to be on top of things 24/7. Rein everyone in the group and you’ll get a great performance review. Prone to sinking into denial when things at the office are less than pleasant, a Gemini boss requires his go-to guy to step up and keep it real. Say it like it is.


You may think that everything’s sailing smoothly at work when you’re positioned under a Cancer boss, but make no mistake—this one’s got a meticulous and exacting eye. When an employee doesn’t make the cut when it comes to Cancer’s standards, he’s treading dangerous waters. This authority figure also has emotional highs and lows—buddy up to their PA to get a gauge of the mood of the day.


The Leo boss walks and talks like a true leader—he loves being in a position of authority so much that anyone who fluffs his feathers when things are good will score extra brownie points. That said, this boss is no Emperor’s New Clothes guy. Approachable and easy to talk to, they can handle even the biggest office dilemmas without batting an eyelash. Own up to your mistakes when you make them and Leo will truly respect you.


Let’s just put it out there—this one expects perfect work, no ifs or buts. If you’re ever going to get blamed for something at work that you know wasn’t your fault, you better have the paperwork and facts to prove it. Making appeals for sympathy or saying “I didn’t mean it” won’t cut it. Get on his good side by anticipating his needs, and basically just doing an excellent job. Anything less than that doesn’t count.


The Libra boss will go to great lengths to make sure your relationship goes beyond boss and employee; no matter how awkward it is, they’ll try their darnedest to be your “friend.” You can totally use this quality of your boss to get on their good side at work. When something goes wrong, you can get him to rally for you—even get him to corral the entire team to back you up. There are no I’s with Libra.


You and your Scorpio boss are going to get along if you’re a competitive employee who wants to climb that ladder and knock the ball out of the park with every project and pitch. Respect their authority and they’ll have your back no matter what—even when they have their occasional temper tantrum at the office. Among all the zodiac signs in the workplace, this one’s going to know when you’re trying to weasel your way out of a mistake. Just own up to it.


One of the flakiest bosses among the zodiac signs in the workplace, Sagittarius isn’t the best team player. In fact, if you work under a Sagittarius boss, you’ll find yourself picking up his slack as he drops the ball and takes a vacation leave without warning. The good news about working for this boss is that they’re results-oriented. If they’re not around half the time, they don’t expect you to be there either. As long as you get things done, you’re good.


Among the zodiac signs in the workplace, Capricorns are the workhorses. They will underscore their position as boss until you have it drilled in your head. Any attempts at undermining them will just get you into trouble, so instead of climbing the corporate ladder to knock this one off his rung, be an excellent employee instead. Be a self-starter. Have a thick skin to endure your Capricorn boss’s intense criticism and show your loyalty above everything.

 Zodiac Signs In The Workplace: How To Handle Your Boss

You’ve got to be a good mood-reader if you’re working under an Aquarius boss. Impulsive and unpredictable, among the zodiac signs in the workplace, this character is a hoot and makes office work actually fun. The thing is, they’re uncomfortable having to boss people around and can be exceptionally difficult to deal with if all you’re trying to do is be a good team player. Always know your stuff—you’re going to have to explain things to him all the time.

Zodiac Signs In The Workplace: How To Handle Your Boss 

At first glance, you’ll think you won the boss lottery with a Pisces because they’re super chill and relaxed. While this may be true about their nature, they’re also pretty hardcore when it comes to work. They’ve got a good head for business and will easily spot your mess-ups, no matter how low-key you are at work. The great thing about the Pisces boss is he’s always willing to work you through any mishaps and give second chances.

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