How Your Zodiac Sign Dictates Your Outfit Choices!

How Your Zodiac Sign Dictates Your Outfit Choices!

Your zodiac sign outfits are a manifestation of your personality's traits and that's why you end up wearing similar outfits everyday

Most millennials may rubbish the idea of building their entire wardrobe around a zodiac sign. But even if you don't believe in horoscopes, chances are that your zodiac sign outfits are chosen unconsciously.

And, in most cases weirdly and accurately reflect your personality trait and taste. 

With that being said, we wanted to create outfit ideas based on your zodiac signs. While you may have your own style, sometimes its nice to know you have more options and how to try them.

So the stars, sun and the mood aside, think of these ideas as a manifestation of your personality's traits. This means if you had your way you'd probably end up wearing the same outfit everyday.

Step Out Of The Comfort Zone Of Your Zodiac Sign Outfits 

But we don't want that. We want you to experiment as best as you can. Scroll down to know how!

1. Aries


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You are a fire sign, which means your style is confident, bold and unmistakably distinguished. It commands as much attention as you do when you step into a room full of strangers.

And while you may already be quite experimental with your outfits, its a good idea to add tonal dressing for more impact, whilst keeping your accessories to a minimal. Your personality may unknowingly push you to add more pops of colours and loud accessories, but stick to the minimal when it comes to the latter.  

2. Taurus


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You belong to the earth sign, which means that you are confident yet grounded and extremely practical when it comes to dressing. Therefore, you've created a wardrobe that is more functional than experimental. 

Now all you need to do to ace the perfect wardrobe is to elevate your style by adding a few classic items. Invest in blazers, denims and investment accessories that can take you from day to night. And, last you a lifetime.  

3. Gemini


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Being a Gemini means that you are naturally gentle, affectionate, compassionate and you have the ability to adapt and learn quickly. You are an air sign after all. But all of this translates into a wardrobe that maybe practical and easy going and not particularly defined.

That's good news. Because it gives you the opportunity to up your fashion quotient, whilst still being you. So add polished dresses or pant-suits one day and colourful and playful rompers and dresses the next. You have a lot to experiment with and your open personality will allow that as well. 

4. Cancer


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You are tenacious and highly imaginative and a water sign. That means you have a great eye for all things creative and polished; and you never take decision when it comes to fashion. You have a distinguished style and you are not afraid to flaunt it. And yes, you aren't overdressed but you still have room to experiment. 

Be that as it may, if you really want to jazz up your wardrobe, an addition of standout accessories can do wonders to your closet. As such you can include strappy sandals and investment clutches to your lineup and add to your already polished personality.

5. Leo

Here come the fireworks! Leos are known to be feisty, comfortable in their own skin, passionate and creative and that reflects in their wardrobes as well. And if you one too, you bring your exuberance to your outfits. Thank your fire sign. 

You are open to more experiments and you should because your dynamic personality allows you to pull it off with aplomb. Try colour-blocking and add more vibrant colours to your closet, if you haven't yet. 

6. Virgo


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Virgos are generally analytical but they are also loyal and practical, thanks to this being an earth sign. Which means your wardrobes are consistent and classic and you love to stick to your style. But sometimes even the ones who love classics need a bit of jazzing up.

You can try to mix and match your outfits in order to bring a bit of colour and style to your wardrobe. Add a pair of sneakers to your tailored pants and add a casual tee instead of structured jacket. You can even add some punk to your otherwise classic wardrobe through your accessories. 

7. Libra


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You are social, gracious and quite the congenial queen because you are an air sign. Naturally, your style is confident and casual but balance is the name of the game for you. You like your classics but with a bit of twist.

And if you wish to amp up your wardrobe this year, how about adding textured and structured suit pants. (They are all the rage right now!) You can add your own spin by using different textures like silk, satin and even corduroy. 

8. Scorpio 


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Beneath your cool and composed self is a brave and passionate beast waiting to be unleashed. But you rarely let it out. You are a water sign and one of the most reliable zodiacs, which means you pick your favourite colour and often stick to it. 

But that's a good thing because if you want to surprise those who might call you boring, you can always add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. We even recommend layering necklaces and playing up your accessories as well, to create more drama.

9. Sagittarius 


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Your fire sign is far from ballistic. In fact, your innate nature is generous and you are blessed with a funny bone. Naturally, this cool and casual demeanour rubs off on your wardrobe as well. Ever the dreamer, your style is fun-loving and you may own tonnes of colourful and whimsical designs. 

But your only requirement is that your clothes should be easy going. So a flowy skirt, casual shirt and block heels are always on your mind. And that is perfect because it totally represents your personality.

If you really want to experiment you can go with more structured clothes. But chances are you will end up with your casuals sooner or later. 

10. Capricorn


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You are quote disciplined, independent and self-controlled, which means you love simple and sophisticated clothes. Thanks to your earth sign. You don't like over the top anything and usually stick to your style.

Since your wardrobe would be fill of quality basics, it's hard not to feel fabulous every single day, which you most likely always do!

But to up the ante, you can keep adding a quirky twist to your basics. Like opting for frayed hems to your jeans. Or, adding frill or stripped tops to your closet. All of these can elevate your basic looks. 

11. Aquarius 


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Aquarians are naturally free-spirited, independent and progressively creative. This means you never shy away from experimenting but always look classy and composed. Your personality which comes from your water sign, shines through, no matter what you wear. And you love your glamorous accessories. 

We recommend you continue doing just that. Since you hate emotionally expressing yourself, doing so through your clothes is what you do best. And accessories are a great way of doing that.

So if you haven't added them to your wardrobe yet, time to do it right now. 

12. Pisces   

You are artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, and musical and that reflects in your outfits. Being a water sign, you love to wear soft and flowing textures and gem stone colours are your favourites. These are ideal for your cool personality. 

If course, if you want to digress from your usual style, you can always opt for rigid and straight structures. 

Remember that the wonderful thing about stars and sun signs is that you can chose to believe it or ignore it, it's totally upto you. But they do tell a tale about your innate personality. So experiment with clothes and express yourself through your creativity as best as you can. 

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Deepshikha Punj