12 Best Makeup Products Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

12 Best Makeup Products Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign12 Best Makeup Products Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Chinese New Year is round the corner and it's time to gift yourself a zodiac makeup palette so you not only get compliments, but all that good luck as well

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and that means its time to look forward to pineapple tarts, love letters and lots of gifts. And if you happen to be a beauty junkie, there's all the more reason to celebrate. Because for this year of the pig, we have for you the perfect zodiac makeup palette for every woman.

Check out which colours can bring you good luck and what you should shop this year. Add them to your daily makeup routine and get ready to receive compliments! 

12 Zodiac Makeup Palette You Must Get Your Hands On This Chinese New Year!

1. Zodiac sign: Rat

zodiac makeup palette

If you were born in the year 1984, 1996, or 2008, then put on the unique bright, shocking pink colour. You will look absolutely ravishing with the NARS Single Eye Shadow in Single Finish in the colour Domination at $33.00. With the NARS' Pigment Powder Suspension technology, achieve a beautiful blend of sparkling, vibrant colour on your lids.

2. Zodiac sign: Ox


zodiac makeup palette

You are the strong ox if you were born in the year of 1985, 1997 or 2009. The colour in your zodiac makeup palette this year is green. It not that tough to incorporate green into your makeup routine, but here's the Sephora Collection Volume On Mascara in Green to get you started.

At just $16.00, coat your precious lashes with this bright green colour to strike a completely different, unique look this year. Watch your friends go green with envy!

3. Zodiac sign: Tiger

zodiac makeup palette

The ferocious tiger takes on the metallic grey colour in its zodiac makeup palette this year. If you were born in the year 1986, 1998 or 2010, the Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in the shade Moonspoon would be your lucky bet.

Get your own at $32.00 and achieve flawless, refined lids with not a trace of chunky glitter. So, go ahead and bat your eyelids with your lucky colour!

4. Zodiac sign: Rabbit

zodiac makeup palette

You are the cute, bouncy rabbit if you were born in the year 1987, 1999, or 2011. Congrats! Your lucky colour this year is the gorgeous pink colour that will fit the adorable you so much.

Bring out a healthy, dewy glow on your cheeks with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush at $62.00. In addition, achieve depth and dimension in the most natural way with this unique hybrid blush.

5. Zodiac sign: Dragon

zodiac makeup palette

The colour red is your best fit if you are the majestic dragon born in the year 1988, 2000, or 2012. Having the red colour in your zodiac makeup palette is the best thing ever, as it signifies auspiciousness and festivity.

Want a lipstick that can stay vibrant on your lips even as you gobble down those delicious pineapple tarts over the day? Try out the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Colour in the shade Uncensored for $36.00.

6. Zodiac sign: Snake

zodiac makeup paletteIf you were born in the year 1988, 2000 or 2013, your zodiac makeup palette has the auspicious colour brown this year. In case if you already love wearing bronzer, then congrats, you are already there. However, if you never tried a bronzer for your cheeks, maybe it's time to do so!

Contour your cheeks to achieve a more defined face with the Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer in the Chocolate shade for $44.00. Moreover, indulge in the fragrant chocolaty smell with this bronzer that is made up of 100 percent real cocoa powder. 

7. Zodiac sign: Horse

zodiac makeup palette

Be a beautiful white horse this year with your lucky colour white in your zodiac makeup palette. If you were born in the year 1990, 2002 or 2014, try out the Smashbox Always On Gel Liner in the colour Blank for $26.00.

Make your eyes pop by effortlessly gliding this gel liner across your water line. It is waterproof and stays on for 24 hours!

8. Zodiac sign: Goat

zodiac makeup palette

Curious to find out your zodiac makeup palette if you were born in the year 1991, 2003, or 2015? This year, your lucky colour is the colour of the deep blue ocean! Switch up your blacks and browns for midnight blue as you create the sultry smokey eye look. Check out the Tom Ford Beauty Shadow Extreme Eyeshadow in Sapphire Blue. Feel luxuriously pretty with micronized glitter on your lids for $50.00.

9. Zodiac sign: Monkey

zodiac makeup palette

What is your zodiac makeup palette if you are the curious, intelligent monkey born in the year of 1980, 1992, 2004 or 2016? Consider the Tarte Amazonian Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in the shade Blue Moon at $32.00 that doubles up as both a gel eyeliner and a creamy eye shadow. Furthermore, create a creaseless eyeshadow look with this cream-gel formula!

10. Zodiac sign: Rooster

zodiac makeup palette

The hardworking and admirable rooster lady born in the year of 1993, 2005 or 2017 gets a princessy gemstone-inspired emerald green colour as her lucky colour this year. Include the Natasha Denona Metallic Eyeshadow in Emerald Green in your zodiac makeup palette for $49.00.

Not only does it allow you to achieve dazzling pearlescent eyelids, it combats fine lines as well.

11. Zodiac sign: Dog

zodiac makeup palette

The adorable, fiercely loyal dog gets the lucky colour yellow this year. If you were born in the year 1994, 2006 or 2018, include this cheerful, summery colour in your zodiac makeup palette.

Flaunt a light, luminous matte yellow colour with the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Pressed Powder in the shade Banana for $61.00.

12. Zodiac sign: Pig

zodiac makeup palette

It is your year if you were born in the year 1995, 2007 or 2019, so strut the streets confidently with a pop of cherry red on your lips. Check out the Laneige Tattoo Lip Tint in the shade Red Stiletto at $32.00. Feel your lips being moisturised and velvety with the lightweight silicon oil it contains. In addition, the vibrant colour sticks to your lips all day like a tattoo.

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