Crystal Astrology For Every Sign: Which Stone Is Right For You?

Crystal Astrology For Every Sign: Which Stone Is Right For You?Crystal Astrology For Every Sign: Which Stone Is Right For You?

See what these zodiac crystals have to say about your personality.

If you’ve ever dabbled in the woowoo community, you’ve probably come across crystals, gems, and the different meanings they carry with them. It’s debatable whether these stones can bring any physical healing to someone’s life, or their purpose is mainly to spark a placebo effect. But what is certain is that these stones deliver an aesthetic quality that matches other new age practices—horoscopes, spell casting, the tarot, and more. Zodiac crystals, for example, make a fun partnership between stones and star signs.

Match your astrological signs with their partner zodiac crystals to see if their meaning resonates with your own personality.



The stone that targets deeply intense feelings keeps Aries’ scorching temper at bay. This stone, a combination of Green Chalcedony and Red Jasper, is said to treat strong emotions and can put out fires immediately. Whether Aries is harboring deeply dark thoughts about someone who’s offended them, is experiencing the highs and lows of hormones, or is in an uncharacteristically dark mood, Bloodstone can help.


Rose Quartz

All heart, Rose Quartz is the stone that’s used to tap into your heart center and unleash an outpouring of warm fuzzy feelings for a lover, your family, and even friends. With Taurus ruled by Venus, it’s easy to see why this light pink stone is matched with practical and pragmatic bulls. It soothes the pains of heartbreak, and purifies your intentions so you are less jaded about love. Rose quartz covers you like a warm, cozy blanket.



Flighty Geminis do well with a good dose of citrine. This abundance stone elevates your self-confidence and targets your solar plexus chakra. Because Geminis can be scattered and all over the place, they could use Citrine to get them the focus and motivation they need. This stone encourages manifestation. It’s almost like an espresso shot that immediately pushes you to go farther, faster.



Cancer feels everything and needs a stone that can help them keep all the emotions at bay. Moonstone does just this—it soothes and promotes inner peace. Ethereal and out of this world, Moonstone pulls us out of what’s distracting us so we can reconnect with our intuition. It’s a reminder to sync up with the natural cycles of the Universe. It reminds us to reconnect to ourselves during the full moon and the new moon.


Black Onyx

Leos are a magnetic and powerful force of nature. Their presence in a room draws everyone’s attention. Their hearts are big, and their capacity to give is matched by their capacity to receive. Black Onyx is a protection stone that helps transform negative energy. Because Leos put so much of themselves out there, they need this support so they don’t burn out. It helps them rein their energy in and manage it better.



Virgo’s analytical mind can sometimes take a negative turn. When Virgos become hypercritical of themselves, they need Peridot to raise their vibes and keep their spirits up. With this stone’s vibrant green hue, it’s impossible to not move into a good mood. This encouraging and effervescent stone sparks both vitality and intelligence. It’ll be a great support when Virgo’s knee-deep in serious business.


Pink Tourmaline

Libra loves all things pretty, so Pink Tourmaline’s cotton candy pink color is a perfect match. A happiness stone, it encourages you to sink your teeth into the pleasures of life. It reflects the joy and love Libras find in interacting with others and socializing. It also shoots them bursts of positive energy whenever they get too serious about bringing justice to the world.


Yellow Topaz

When Scorpio does a deep dive into the underworld, they can get pretty dark pretty quickly. Yellow Topaz is a stone of faith. It reminds Scorpio that amidst all the heaviness and shadows they deal with, there exists a (golden) silver lining. When you’re feeling down in the dumps, this sunshine yellow stone cheers you up. It reminds you that everything that happens to you is for the best.



The eternal optimist of the zodiac, Sagittarius is a great match for Ruby’s warmth and vitality. Its bold red represents the energy and verve of Sagittarius. It is an empowering stone that pushes you to move forward with your goals and passions. Its deep red color is one of passion, inspiring courage and motivation in everything you want to do. Got a To Do list to attack? This stone is for you.


Tiger’s Eye

Serious is as serious does. This works for both Capricorns and Tiger’s eye, which is a stone of stability. When Capricorn begins questioning why they do what they do, Tiger’s Eye can remind them of their personal power. It’s also a stone of integrity, one that assures you you’re on the right track as long as you follow your morals and don’t stray from them. It helps Capricorn move through life gracefully and with poise.

Crystal Astrology For Every Sign: Which Stone Is Right For You?


Aquarius is often flitting from one social group to the next, tackling the many different ways in which they can make a difference in the world. Hematite is a wonderful complementary stone to them because it offers grounding, stability and protection. It helps you ward off negative energy so that you’re not constantly thinking about the harm this new world may bring to humanity.

Crystal Astrology For Every Sign: Which Stone Is Right For You?


Spiritual and deep, Pisces could use a dose of Aquamarine to remind them of their deep and personal truths. It keeps them aligned with whatever their life purpose is and helps bring down any fear that surrounds that. This blue green-toned stone helps bring you into the present to, giving you the wake up call you need. Like a cooling balm you apply to your temples when you’ve got a headache, Aquamarine instantly soothes the spirit.



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