Zac Efron's Controversial Ted Bundy Movie Is Coming To Netflix

Zac Efron's Controversial Ted Bundy Movie Is Coming To Netflix

And the movie didn't come cheap!

Ever since the trailer for Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile came out, the internet has been embroiled in a hodgepodge of outrage and anticipation over the Ted Bundy biopic, which stars Zac Efron. But when will we be able to see it? According to Hollywood Reporter, we'll soon be able to watch the Zac Efron Ted Bundy movie on Netflix.

Directed by Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost), the movie recounts American serial killer Ted Bundy's crimes from the perspective of his longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer (played by Lily Collins). Berlinger also directed The Ted Bundy Tapes, Netflix's docu-series on Ted Bundy's life and crimes. Netflix reportedly bought the international rights to the movie for a whopping US$9 million.

Is Extremely Wicked Romanticizing Ted Bundy?

Not everyone is excited about Netflix's acquisition of the film, largely because of its alleged romanticizing of Ted Bundy.

However, many have pointed out that the film simply reflects how Bundy was received in real life.

Until we've seen the biopic, we can't definitively say if it does or does not romanticize Ted Bundy. However, we do note that the movie got rave reviews from critics when it premiered at the Sundance Festival. 

Zac Efron Ted Bundy Movie on Netflix: Release Date

There isn't a release date for the Zac Efron Ted Bundy movie on Netflix, but it's reported that the movie will run on Netflix in the fall, just in time for the awards-season considerations.

Watch the trailer below.

Are you looking forward to watching the Zac Efron Ted Bundy movie on Netflix?

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