Make 2019 The Best Year Ever With Your 2019 Horoscope

Make 2019 The Best Year Ever With Your 2019 HoroscopeMake 2019 The Best Year Ever With Your 2019 Horoscope

Prep for the New Year with cosmic pointers from your 2019 horoscope

If you feel exhausted from the blows the Universe has been dealing you over the last couple of years—rest easy, you’re not alone. We’re all going through some major shifts that have left our minds, bodies and spirits a little worse for wear. But thanks to the planetary aspects of the year, your 2019 horoscope tells you to rest easy because we can expect some reprieve.

Because luck’s not going to be landing on our laps any time soon, it'll be smart to start being proactive and tying up any loose ends from 2018 or previous years. With the first part of the year under the influence of Jupiter—the planet representing extreme behavior and life lessons, you'll need to shift your perspective. Learn to look at the glass half full, so you can see 2019 as the year we get a little closer to figuring out what really matters.


Always the firecracker, you may find your fire fizzling out if you jump at every opportunity that comes when the year starts. Learn to slow down and spread energy evenly out through the year. Aries knows how to make a big production out of their birthday so March and April will be a big hit. Kick off the year with a stellar career but save time for romance when the –ber months roll in.

Hot tip: Multiply the perks your money can bring you by investing in happiness.


When Taurus spends, they go all out and this is the one big habit that will need to be reeled in, especially in the start of the year. Finances are going to be tricky to navigate once July and August come up, so you’ll want to prep the budget as soon as the New Year starts. If you’re in an LDR, relationship and love looks promising… and if you’re single, your 2019 horoscope asks you to consider turning your Tinder on while globetrotting.

Hot tip: Don’t waste time sitting pretty. This is a year of Doing.


Mixing love and money is never a good idea, so if you’re in business with your significant other, you’ll want to make sure everything is ironed out and in black and white as your money and love sectors are affected by the Venus Retrograde mid-year. A career change may be up and coming for you in 2019—perfect if you’ve been waiting for the right time to skedaddle and say bye to a job that’s been holding you back.

Hot tip: Set your intentions for the year and keep revisiting them to see if you’re still on track.


If you’ve felt you’ve done enough adulting to last you a lifetime, think again. 2019 will all be about owning up to commitments, obligations, and responsibilities. Your 2019 horoscope says that if you keep at it, you’ll be climbing up the career ladder in no time. Socially, it’s time to weed out the ones who haven’t been good to you, deal with some past demons that need expelling, and treating those you love so well, they’ll never want to leave.

Hot tip: Put yourself out there. Be fearless.


2019 is off to a sleepy start—think of it as a way to shore up your energy for the latter part of the year. If you’ve been planning anything big—a trip, career change, or even a major makeover, save it for your birthday month or the holidays and ride on the momentum the planets have to offer you. It’s going to be a socially busy year, where you’ll be meeting new people, hanging out with a new crew, and possibly making a new love connection.

Hot tip: Find your flow and ride it.


Desperate for good vibes after such a gruelling year? 2019 promises to deliver—if you’re willing to stay open. If dating’s been rough for you these past three years, it’ll be time to get a move on this time around. Your 2019 horoscope asks you to let go of that need to make snap judgments on people and trust that your instincts will lead you to the right people. Career will get busy too, with you having to juggle several projects at a time. Keep your head above water.

Hot tip: Bust through whatever’s been restricting you. Create change.


Expect to bloom this year, Libra. Not only will you have opportunities to let your creativity flourish, your mind will also get some much-deserved attention with openings for workshops, retreats, and maybe even higher education. You may be dipping into your savings a little more than called for, so rein it in when it comes to money. The year could kick off with some hang-ups in love. Save the dating scene for later in the year.

Hot tip: When you feel you’re in your element, stay present and enjoy it all.


Two areas of life are about to boom this year, Scorpio. Business will get a little more interesting with a chance early in the year to get involved in something you feel pretty passionate about. Travel is also in the cards for you—schedule a trip with the girlfriends and give yourself a break from all the humdrum. Your 2019 horoscope predicts it’ll be a pretty productive year, provided that you keep things under control and let your inner Boss Babe shine.

Hot tip: Revel in the unexpected.


If you’re feeling like life’s lagging when the year starts, hold out for the second half of the year to come around. Things will pick up eventually. In the meantime, use the year to do a serious assessment of your life—what’s working and what’s not. Get ready to cut ties—you need to make space for the good vibes to start coming in. Relationships are on the up and up so if you want to take things to the next level, this is the year to do it. 

Hot tip: Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. You’ve got the goods.


You’re starting the year feeling untethered and unsure—don’t let your Capricorn anxiety get the better of you. As long as you keep communication lines open between you and coworkers, bosses, and even with your romantic partner, you’ll be just fine. If you’re feeling some pushbacks in projects, reason things out deliberately and logically. Don’t give in to pressure, especially when it comes to love.

Hot tip: Your inner artist needs some attention. Feed your creativity.

Make 2019 The Best Year Ever With Your 2019 Horoscope

If you’ve been setting plans in motion over the last couple of years, you’ll finally see them come to life in 2019—that’s if you can keep your head above water, especially in money matters. Pay extra attention to fine print, or you’ll have a hand in people taking advantage of you. Playfulness is key this year—not just in your career, in your extracurriculars and hobbies, but also in love. Don’t keep yourself boxed in.

Hot tip: Find your muse.

Make 2019 The Best Year Ever With Your 2019 Horoscope

Because life’s been getting a little too conforming for your wild imagination, it’s time to put your adventurous hat on this year. Expand your world by widening your social circles. Your 2019 horoscope asks you to consider travelling with friends mid-year and forming new bonds with people online (you’ll most likely meet them IRL in 2019 anyway!). You can forget budgets and go all-out on treating yourself this year—money matters look to be kind to you all year round.

Oracle tip: Dispel your doubts. Live with confidence.



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