How Women Are Embracing Their Unshaven Bodies This 'Januhairy'

How Women Are Embracing Their Unshaven Bodies This 'Januhairy'How Women Are Embracing Their Unshaven Bodies This 'Januhairy'

Women who don't shave or refuse to do so this month are all part of the global Januhairy movement that celebrates self-acceptance and self-love

For years, women have dealt with the pressures of remaining hairless. You have been constantly fed that body hair is unsightly. Mass media hasn't made it any easier for women who don't shave either. With numerous advertisements bombarding the message that body hair makes women look unfeminine and unkempt.

This notion of being hairless has led to women feeling less than; prompting a majority of them to go hairless in order to fit in the accepted norms of femininity and reducing the feeling of inadequacy. 

However, times have changed. Women no longer feel the need to be shackled by archaic laws that take away their right over their own bodies. Today, women are more accepting of themselves and have been embracing their natural self, body hair and all. 

And in order to kickstart another year of self-acceptance, women across the globe are observing, Januhairy. It's a movement that promotes a positive view towards growing body hair while encouraging women to grow theirs out for the month of January. 

Some women are even using this movement to back causes of body positivity, such as Body Gossip.

Why Women Who Don't Shave Are Leading This Januhairy

“The acceptance of body hair on women is unfortunately still a predicament,” Januhairy campaign organiser writes on the Facebook page.

“We are displayed in the media as feeling ‘confident’ when our legs are smooth, eyebrows plucked, armpits waxed. Society seems to be behaving as if the natural hair we grow on our bodies is unattractive and distasteful,” it continues.

“By encouraging girls to get rid of this hair we’re saying stop, don’t mature or become a woman, stay trapped in a fragile prepubescent body for your whole life so that men can infantilise you and maintain the patriarchy." “The more women who don’t shave, the more role models there will be for young girls grappling with this. To learn to love and be proud of your whole body is to embrace life,” Fromson continued. 

Januhairy Supporting Women Who Don't Shave 

In order to raise £1,000 for Body Gossip’s education programme, Jackson created a JustGiving page to fundraise for Januhairy and support women who don't shave.    The programme empowers people through using art and education, which has excited several people to participate in Januhairy for the first month of the year.

“Freshly shaved and ready to prove that my body hair is my choice!” one Twitter user wrote. But several detractors have appeared out of the woodwork, handing offensive comments like one Twitter user claiming that he is “repulsed” by the campaign. “#januhairy is not for me...But the amount of men projecting their insecurities all over the hashtag is telling,” another user tweeted.

“You miss the point!! Women can do exactly what they want with their own bodies. Who cares if you find it attractive or not?! We are not here to make you feel okay.” Check out this link to sign up for Januhairy, and show your support by donating towards Body Gossip here. Incidentally, several women have joined in the cause and even celebrities have lent their names to the cause of body hair acceptance. 

Women Who Don't Shave Are Januhairy 2019's Icons!

Among the celebrities who have unknowingly pioneered this move previously or are doing it now, include famous names such as Julia Roberts, Lola Kirke and even Bella Thorne. Scroll down to take a look at some of the celebs and how they are flaunting their body hair. 

1. Lola Kirke 

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Singer Lola Kirke has always been an advocate of woman emancipation, and is a vocal supporter of 'Free the Nipple' and body hair.

2. Jemima Kirke  

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Actor Jemima Kirke is an equally ardent supporter of women's right, often posting political memes to send across her messages. Acceptance of body hair and self-love have also been topics she's loved to promote. 

3. Bella Thorne

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Actor Bella Thorne might be provocative in her images, but it's only because she embraces her true self like its nobody's business. She's also a vocal supporter of the body hair cause and has flaunted armpit hair on many occasions. 

4. Paris Jackson 

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Known for her famous father and her own unconventional ways, Paris Jackson is no stranger to fame and she uses her position for a good cause. Especially to advocate women's rights and freedom of speech and expression. 

5. Amandla Stenberg

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She was called out for her choice to show off her armpit hair, but it wasn't a busy day oversight, but a statement to her many young followers. She wanted them to love themselves just the way she loves her own self. 

6. Madonna

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The material girl might not lend her voice to many causes, but self-love is one cause she never shies away from supporting. She is unabashed in her ways to approach the subject and clearly does it justice.  

7. Julia Roberts

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The shot of Julia Roberts at her Notting Hill premier flaunting her armpit hair will be iconic and etched in the minds of all 90s kids forever. It was a symbol of freedom and of self-love and we're totally here for it. 

In honour of the bigger mission of Januhairy, let's embrace the message of the movement and follow in the footsteps of our fellow women who dared to bare, hair and all!

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