Women Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners Are Highly Educated

Women Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners Are Highly Educated

Believe it or not, a recent survey has revealed that educated women most likely to cheat on their partners for one strange reason.

Technology and social media have opened many doors for cheating. You don’t even have to be physically present in the same room to lust after somebody. Your new lover is now just a click away. And if a recent study is to be believed, educated women are making the most of this advancement. Yes, you read that right! 

A study by VictoriaMilan, the European dating site that caters to married and attached people seeking for secret affairs, revealed that 70 percent educated women most likely to cheat on their partners. 

Graduate Women Most Likely To Cheat!

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The study reportedly states that “More than 69 percent of women and over 65 percent of men who achieve higher education will be tempted to stray.”

The survey divided participants into three groups, on the basis of their qualifications. 

In the first group, about 36.87 percent college graduate women admitted that they were guilty of engaging in an erotic affair. And almost 25.23 percent men who graduated from college confessed to infidelity.

In the second group, those most likely to cheat turned out to be Bachelor’s degree holders. Almost 18.98 percent women and 20.32 percent men in this group engaged in affairs.

In the final group, 16.75 percent men and 14.45 percent women who were Master’s degree holders admitted to cheating. 

On the other hand, women who are doctorate degree holders, were considered the most faithful with only a 1.40 percent infidelity rate. Their male counterpart also had a low result of about 3.12 percent.

Less Educated, Fewer Affairs, Says Study

The study also analysed those who weren’t as educated. For instance, people who didn’t graduate from high school were least likely to stray away from a relationship.

Only 2.33 percent men and 3.70 percent women in this group have admitted to cheating.

The survey result shows that the more educated a person is, the more likely he or she is to engage in romantic relationships with somebody other than their real partners.

“What this tells us is that highly educated people are likely to have more time on their hands, while the working class are too busy making ends meet to have time for a sexy fling,” the CEO and Founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal commented on this survey.

But Why Do People Cheat?

Ashley Madison, another dating app for married people seeking extra-marital affairs, gave an insight into why people cheated. 

They were able to list three main reasons: fulfilment of sexual desire, emotional need and affection. 

While about 76 percent admitted that their reason for engaging in affairs was to meet their sexual needs. Almost 37 percent of respondents wanted fulfilment of their emotional needs, and 44 percent were simply looking for affection. 

Even though this by and large explained why people digressed from their relationships, one thing is clear–they were intentionally looking out to have an affair.

And no matter why and how they indulged in it, we can all agree that cheating is cheating and perhaps cannot be justified.

What do you think? 

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