Ambushed By Uber Driver: Excuse Me, Where To Meet Women in Singapore?

Ambushed By Uber Driver: Excuse Me, Where To Meet Women in Singapore?Ambushed By Uber Driver: Excuse Me, Where To Meet Women in Singapore?

Driver ploughed on, "I've been wondering about this for awhile. You two look so in love. Where do people go to meet women nowadays? Did you use one of those online apps?"

It was an untypical date night for my fiancée and I.

We won't bore you with the details of how we conquered an entire roast duck to ourselves, and lived to tell the tale.

The tale in itself, has got actually nothing to do with our great night out. 

Content with our bloated bellies and drunken stupor, we thought we shouldn't waste much time getting back home.

There were pressing desires to attend to and public transport was out of the question. Uber was an inviting option.

Women dating in Singapore: Where have all the women gone?

The Uber ride of our lives

My girl and I spend ample amount of time in car rides. Wait, this is not a weird fetish, we just travel a lot.

Now, we haven't run a survey yet but we suspect we've grossed out a great many number of drivers with our constant PDA. Too bad we're super unapologetic. If anything, it encouraged most of them to get us home in record time.


That was until said date night, when PDA backfired. Big time.

Our Uber driver was anything but uninterested in what was going on in the back seat. 

Yeah, karma is a bitch sometimes. 

A master ambush tactic

The timing was perfect.

A split-second to us snogging away, a question sliced through the moment:

"Excuse me, where to meet women ah in Singapore?"

Talk about making an entrance.

It was enough for both our jaws to go slack. A thousand car rides later, one brave driver had finally turned the tables on us.

We were effectively and swiftly, snog-blocked.

The question hung in suspense, while we frantically nudged each other to take the lead on this. I was prepared to go all out scissor-paper-stone, to be honest.

The driver on the other hand, seemed completely unfazed by our delayed response. Such patient people frighten me sometimes. 

Driver ploughed on, "I've been wondering about this for awhile. You two look so in love. Where do people go to meet women nowadays? Did you use one of those online apps?"

Women dating in Singapore: the answer isn't always where, but when

We gave up. There was no wriggling out of this and we had another fifteen minutes before we reached a bed.

Before we knew it, we were taking turns conversing with this mysterious person whose love life was a tragic mess. 

In between interjections and nods, there was something about losing a hundred thousand and buying a HDB flat, family politics and the ruin love could cause you. And some years after, it was now time to seek new "opportunities". Apparently Driver had no trouble finding sex in Berlin with the hottest of women but could not seem to find Singapore soulmate. A unfortunate plight for the non polyamorous lot.


We didn't particularly appreciate the consistent attachment of material wealth to Driver's narrative of love. Nor were we particularly receptive to the misogynistic references towards women. 

We felt we could offer no specific advice on the specific query. But we did however, share a few examples of how we and some of our friends met their partners. Perhaps, it would prove helpful.

In all cases though, timing was key. Life doesn't joke around when it comes to having unexpected turns.

Women dating in Singapore: When Tinder, bars and traditional methods let you down

No, we told her. We did not meet on Tinder. Although admittedly some of previous serious relationships did begin online.

We met via our exes, who were best friends and who broke up with us the same week. We hardly knew each other before that. The rest was a stroke of luck, a lot of saké, and great team work escaping a HDB flat my ex had suddenly decided to come back to.Very special circumstances. 

We laid out to Driver all suggestions, experiences and possibilities we could think of (we left out the ones she'd already tried of course).


A) Bookshops and poetry readings. You'd be surprised how many we know have found love there.

B) Environment sustainability conferences. It happens yes.

C) Via your ex, as described above. Some evasion skills may be required.

D) In extreme cases, Craigslist or okCupid. A lot of filtering here to put up with though. Weirdos galore.

E) Gardening and composting workshops. Possibly to do with getting dirty together.

F) Cat Cafés. It's cliché for a reason!

G) SPCA volunteering drive. If unfruitful, pets are great company.

By the time we were done enumerating, my girl and I were looking at each other glumly.

Because the truth is, no one really has a damn clue. Singapore is small, and the pool of suitors never seem large enough. The struggle is very real.

As we pulled into the driveway, Driver turned around to thank us with the sheepiest smile.

We prayed we hadn't set a person up to disaster. We hoped all women dating in Singapore, would be as lucky as us.

To Jasmine, if your'e still out there driving, we hope you've found someone. Or ambushed other couples for better clues.

Last tip from us? Let love happen, when it happens.

Finding the right fit is going to take time and chance, no matter where you are.



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Written by

Sabrena Jefri