These Are The FINAL Dates For Spring-Summer Fashion Week This Year

These Are The FINAL Dates For Spring-Summer Fashion Week This Year

Wondering when is fashion week in Paris, New York, London, and Milan? We have you covered with all the details you want to know!

Every year, the fashion industry hosts a fashion week that last approximately for one week. It is usually a buzzing and busy period for fashion brands, designers or houses to showcase the latest collections in runway fashion shows to buyers and the media. These events are usually highly significant and represent a critical landmark achievement for the brand, as they can potentially influence trends for the current and upcoming seasons. So when is fashion in Paris, New York, London, and Milan? 

The main fashion weeks are hosted in the fashion capitals of the world, which are mainly the “Big Four” receiving the most attention and majority of the media coverage. These prominent cities are New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

As the fashion industry becomes more multicultural today, other cities have sprouted up all over the world to establish their own fashion centers.

Cities as diverse like Mumbai, New Delhi, Beirut, Dubai, Berlin, Madrid, Monaco, Rome, Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, and Jakarta are now also gaining a foothold in the fashion scene and hosting important fashion weeks.

When Is Fashion Week In Paris, London, NY, And Milan?

The fashion weeks are hosted twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world in the following order: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. 

So when is fashion week in Paris, and the other cities?

Important dates to look out for are the following:

  • New York Fashion Week F/W 2019: February 8 – 16, 2019
  • London Fashion Week F/W 2019: February 16 – 20, 2019
  • Milan Fashion Week F/W 2019: February 21 – 27, 2019  
  • Paris Fashion Week F/W 2019: February 27 – March 7, 2019  
  • New York Fashion Week S/S 2019: September 6 – 14, 2019
  • London Fashion Week S/S 2019: September 14 – 18, 2019
  • Milan Fashion Week S/S 2019: September 19 – 25, 2019
  • Paris Fashion Week S/S 2019: September 25 – October 3, 2019

Seasons Of Fashion Week 

The traditional way involves fashion weeks being held several months way in advance of the season to allow media and buyers an opportunity to preview fashion designs for the upcoming season.

Specifically, designers showcased their autumn and winter collections in February and March, while their spring and summer collections are shown in September and October.

This old system fits well with the slower retail cycle, where retailers have plenty of time to purchase and incorporate the designers into their retail marketing.

But now with evolving customer demands, the retail cycle has completely overhauled and transformed, resulting in ‘see-now, buy-now’ shows, and designers moving in ‘in-season shows.’ These feature items immediately available for sale, online or in stores.

when is fashion week in paris

The two primary kinds of shows are traditionally womenswear and menswear. | Image courtesy: Unsplash

Why Is International Fashion Week Only In The Big Four?

With many significant fashion weeks happening around the world, the main four are known as the ‘Big Four,’ namely Paris, Milan, London and New York. These are managed by key organisations. Other cities usually host their own individual events by independent producers.

The two primary kinds of shows are womenswear and menswear, with additional shows tailored to each city, such as haute couture shows in Paris, and bridal shows in New York.

When Is Fashion Week In Paris? 

Haute couture is closely guarded and ruled by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, which means that the category can only be shown in January and July in Paris. In case you are wondering: when is fashion week in Paris!

Meanwhile, it has become more popular for designers to showcase inter-seasonal collections between the traditional autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons, which are usually more commercial than the main season collections.

As a result, it cuts down the wait for customers to shop for new season clothes at a faster period. The inter-seasonal collections are mainly resort/cruise (before spring/summer) and pre-fall (before autumn/winter).

Usually, these shows do not have fixed schedules in any of the major fashion capitals, but expected three months after the main season shows.

During resort and pre-fall, many designers go against the grain here and choose presentations as opposed to expensive traditional runway shows to help cut down costs or feel that the clothes are represented better in this way.

What Other Shows To Look Forward To?

Some designers also choose to show their inter-seasonal collections outside their home turf, such as Karl Lagerfeld showing resort and pre-fall collections for Chanel in cities such as Moscow, Monte Carlo, and Los Angeles, instead of Paris.

Additionally, fashion weeks can be genre-specific like swimwear for Miami Fashion Week, Bridal Fashion Week, the haute couture shows in Paris, and modest/muslim fashion for Indonesia Islamic Fashion Week.

So that’s it folks, these are the basic details and dates you need to know if you want to follow the fashion shows. We’d recommend keeping a close watch on this space to keep yourself updated with the latest on the fashion week, as we cover each of them. 

There is a lot to look forward to!

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