What's Trending On Instagram: All The Summer Must-Haves of 2018

What's Trending On Instagram: All The Summer Must-Haves of 2018

Make the most of the last few weeks of the hot sweltering climate and get your hands on what's trending on Instagram.

Wondering what the cool girls are wearing this summer? Well, just walk around The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands or Greenbelt in Makati or better yet, take a cursory glance at your phone. What's trending on Instagram is perhaps what you'll notice on the runways and in the poshest of malls. 

The young powerful millennials are putting their latest prized possessions on social media display. Whether it is through plandid shots (planned candids), or their Insta stories. They have managed to create a powerful cult that believes if its not on social media, it just didn't happen.   

Needless to say most social media users have fallen prey to this ideology. And it looks like young millennials buy clothes not to look or feel comfortable or stylish, but to get the best picture for their social media handles. And that often means they are buying into the latest trends.

Whether it is the 90s bike shorts made popular by Kim Kardashian, wedges made popular by streetwear influencers or heart-shaped sunglasses made popular by Gucci. You can see every little trend that comes to the market, thanks to Instagram.

But hey! Let's give credit where its due. Instagram is not only dishing out the latest trends, its also become a platform to voice your opinion. From saving dogs to tigers and ketogenic diets, there is a lot to discuss and learn from here.

But it's often hard to understand if millennials are buying these products IRL because they love them or if they're only for the 'gram.

Interestingly, the trends this summer seem to fall somewhere in between. They are not just bring bragged about on social media, but a lot of people have actually bought similar items. So we decided to curate seven of the latest styles to show you what's trending on Instagram. And mind you, these are here to stay (at least this summer). 

What's Trending On Instagram? 

1. Bike shorts 


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Ever since Kim Kardashian West decided to convert gym-going 90s bike shorts into a corporate attire, fashion influencers have been mindlessly following the trend, making it huge this summer season. But there is something to this style that has never been attempted before.

While most 90s kids experimented with biker shorts and jumpers, adding coats and heels to it has only recently come into play. This trend is here to stay, at least this year. You might as well try it too! 

2. Beaded bags 


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This is practical trend that might have been started by Chanel and Susan Alexandra (her rainbow beaded bags are a rage), but it was quickly taken over by high street brands like Mango. They have been selling these beaded bags and needless to say, they are a huge hit.

Replacing the straw bags from last year, the beaded bags are more comfortable to wear. The only negative is their size, especially if you are a city girl on the run.  

3. Rectangular frames 


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Last year's sunglass trend was greatly influenced by cat eyes. They were everywhere and on everybody. But this year, they were overthrown by rectangular sunglasses.

They were first seen on supermodels including Bella Hadid and Kendel Jenner and soon trickled down to high street shops and even flea markets. Incidentally, they are not just fashionable, they are also quite comfortable and practical (especially the large ones). 

4. Wedge heels

Move over PVC blade heels, the wedges are back. No no, not the frumpy and blocky ones that were a rage in the early '00s but their latest avatar that go perfectly with the ugly chic that is now so popular. 

If you are not a fan of the Castañer’s style espadrille wedges (a style favoured by the two Duchesses), then worry not you still have a lot to choose from. There are wooden wedges with a toe ring, there are PVC wedges with pointed toes and there are strappy wedges. So pick the one you like or find the most comfortable to wear this summer!  

5. 80s Bikini 


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Speaking of summer, how can we go around counting what's in without accounting for bikinis. This summer has been particularly harsh on most countries and even Europe experienced a heatwave. So what did all these people suffering from heat do? Well, they got into their bikinis of course.

And if you're wondering which ones, well, its the 80s style bikini that has made a huge comeback, thanks to the retro era jumping right back. The high pulled bikinis are a making a huge splash on Instagram and its even being pushed by the Kendel and Kylie Jenner who are often seen sporting their line that has these 80s style bikinis. So if you're on the lookout for one, perhaps try this one. 

Now that there are barely 50 days left till most of the world is hit by a cooler climate, this is your last chance to hop on the bandwagon and get your hands on what's trending on Instagram.

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Deepshikha Punj