What's Your Birthstone Personality?

What's Your Birthstone Personality?What's Your Birthstone Personality?

Be on your best behaviour with your birthstone personality.

Whether you believe in the power of crystals and gems or not, the fact is that the different stones assigned to the 12 months of the year can offer you some pretty useful guidance in different areas of your life. You could tap into your birthstone’s meaning and colour to power you through a difficult situation. Or alternatively, use its physical qualities to inspire your next outfit or makeup look.

Whatever your stance is on birthstone personality and meaning, it’s a fun way of adding some colour to your life.

january birthstone garnet

Birthstone personality: Fearless and Stable

It’s easy to get rattled when January rolls in—everyone’s still reeling from the holidays and people are psyched by their resolutions. Garnet reminds you that it’s important to keep your two feet on the ground while diving into all-new projects and endeavours. Keep your head above water and don’t lose your ground.

Style tip: Match the bold and fierce red of garnet with a true red lip.

february birthstone amethyst

Birthstone personality: Peacemaker and Purifier

Some people are born knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives—this is the power that amethyst can encourage. Its job is to cut through all that confusion until you see your path with super clear 20-20 vision. Clear out the cobwebs of your life, simplify and aim to keep the peace.

Style tip: Amethyst works on your head, which also deserves, btw, a brand spanking new haircut.

march birthstone aquamarine

Birthstone personality: Courageous Communicator

You can’t stand it when people mince words and tiptoe around their truth. You can spot a fake from a mile away (especially on social media). Aquamarine asks you to anchor yourself with your own personal truth and not deviate from it. Sure, you may not hold the most popular opinion out there, but who cares when you’ve got your integrity intact?

Style tip: Try a choker to enhance your throat chakra.

april birthstone diamond

Birthstone personality: Truthful and Innocent

People born in April are the firstborn of the zodiac and possess a childlike innocence, untainted by the baggage and jadedness that can come with experience. It takes immense talent to carry on in the 21stcentury with this kind of optimism and wonder. Keep it sacred and kindle it. You’re a rare breed.

Style tip: Get those teeth whitened and let ‘em shine.

may birthstone emerald

Birthstone personality: Calm and Loving

The sparkling green of emerald reflects the heart chakra and all the love that can spring forth from it. Even when you’re experiencing a difficult day or feel absolutely zero love in your heart, know that you’ve got a surprisingly bottomless well of it if you dig deep enough. Let that good juju calm you when things are shaky and topsy-turvy. All you need is love.

Style tip: Dare yourself to show a little cleavage this season.

june birthstone pearl

Birthstone personality: Generous and Faithful

The world seriously needs more people like you. Unselfish and giving (almost to a fault), you genuinely want to make the world a better place. Your optimism is unfailing and you’re able to dig deep enough to find the good in someone everyone else detests. You spread the love like no one can. You deserve a halo. Make sure you treat yourself too.

Style tip: Book a full day at the spa. It’s well deserved.

july birthstone ruby

Birthstone personality: Passionate and Energetic

Who doesn’t need four shots of espresso to power through a full workday, overtime and a session at the gym? YOU! Other folks would collapse at the sight of your Google calendar, but you take it all in stride with a sparkle in your eye. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and to aim farther. There’s no doubt you’ll reach your goals.

Style tip: Rock the five-inch heels on a night out.

august birthstone peridot

Birthstone personality: Deep Feeler and Healer

You’re not afraid to feel it all—in fact, you often do. A great empathy, you’ve got the amazing ability to read people by just looking at them. You have a deep understanding of everyone around you, and your vibe makes you the perfect shoulder to cry on. Make sure you’ve got a solid support system around you. You need someone to lean on too.

Style tip: Make Gen Z yellow your colour and get some sunshine into your system.

september birthstone sapphire

Birthstone personality: Wise and Virtuous

Even if you sometimes wear your naughty streak with pride, everybody knows you’re a good girl at heart. You can’t stand it when the underdog gets bullied, and when laws are twisted and spun in favour of the bad guys. You’re wise beyond your years even if you tend to downplay your intellectualism. We say, wear it like a badge of honour.

Style tip: Ditch your contacts and wear your specs like a true intellectual.

october birthstone opal

Birthstone personality: Unique and Quirky

Everyone goes through a stage where they begin to get self-conscious and doubt their own sense of style. Know that you have permission to be yourself. You don’t follow trends, you set them. And you’d be doing everyone around you a favor by showing off your true colors. Live loud and proud.

Style tip: Shop vintage. You’ll pull it off, no question.

november birthstone topaz

Birthstone personality: Happy and Forgiving

You don’t let anything get you down. It’s easy for you to let go of baggage and just move on, no matter what the circumstances are. Forgiveness comes easily to you because you realize that life’s too short to hold grudges. YOLO, right? Your happy nature is irresistible and pretty magnetic to everyone around you.

Style tip: Pile on the pink on your cheeks with a cream blush that’ll enhance your natural smile.

december birthstone turquoise

Birthstone personality: Sophisticated and Cool

Everyone looks up to you for your natural flair. You never try too hard at anything you do because elegance just comes naturally to you. Think of it as your superpower—you can tap it to get yourself to places you only dreamed of, careers that only a chosen few can hack, and relationships that Happily Ever Afters were made after. Go you.

Style tip: Dress down in your favourite pair of denims. You’ll make ‘em look like a million bucks.

Do you think your birthstone personality is accurate? Let us know in the comments below!

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