OMG: Australian Tourist's Ripped Jeans Sparks Outrage In Bali

OMG: Australian Tourist's Ripped Jeans Sparks Outrage In BaliOMG: Australian Tourist's Ripped Jeans Sparks Outrage In Bali

Though Bali is a super popular tourist destination, it's still a quite conservative island.

What we wear on vacation is usually completely different from the clothes we wear on a day-to-day basis, but this woman's holiday garb was too outrageous for some passersby in Bali. An Australian tourist in the popular tourist destination sparked outrage with her outfit choice. Scroll on to find out what she did wrong and what to wear in Bali.

A viral video shows the young woman shopping for souvenirs along a busy street, unaware of the man across the street taking her video. She was wearing ripped jeans that basically covered everything except for her butt and crotch. She was also wearing a sporty black bikini top.

The cameraman then followed the woman and her male companion as they walked away from the shop and into what appears to be a restaurant. As they walk, some locals appear in the frame, seemingly bewildered at the woman's clothing choice.

Wayan Aziz, a local Balinese taxi driver, told The Daily Mail: "I thought she didn't know that her jeans had holes in them showing her panties. I tried to tell her. But actually, it seems like the jeans were intended to be like that. I don't think it's a good thing to wear in public. It's not suitable."

Now, we don't think that the woman meant to offend someone with her outfit. And we just have to say that it was totally creepy of the cameraman to follow her around and take her video without her consent. But this incident should serve as a reminder for everyone — male and female — to be considerate of the customs of a place they're visiting to avoid insulting the locals.

Though Bali is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, it's still a quite conservative island in a very religious country. Though the Australian tourist's outfit probably wouldn't have turned any heads on Bali's beaches, it's a totally different matter once you go inland.

What To Wear In Bali

When travelling in Bali, bring your teeny-weeny bikinis and cute sundresses, by all means. But also make sure to bring a shirt that can cover your arms and shoulders, as well as a sarong to wrap around your waist, especially when you plan on visiting temples or attending traditional ceremonies. You might also want to bring long pants and a jacket for when you're driving around on a motorcycle to protect yourself from scratches and sunburn — driving around in your bikini sounds like a great idea until you get into an accident.

Last year, Australian woman Rachel Bergsma, who has been based in Bali for over a decade, posted a warning on Facebook to remind travelers not to wear revealing clothes anywhere outside the beach, The Queensland Times reported.

In the post, Bergsma asked tourists to be considerate of local Balinese culture, and to avoid wearing revealing clothes — especially in sacred sites such as temples and rice fields. She said that Balinese people don't usually tell foreigners what to wear in Bali and to cover up, as they don't want to scare away tourists.

According to Bergsma, Balinese people often change their outfits up to three times a day, depending on what's deemed appropriate.

"We have strict dress codes for all government buildings, temples, going to work, et cetera," she said. "However, they also would dress their best when they are a guest in someone else's home or country."

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