What Do Men Like In Women? Here's The Truth!

What Do Men Like In Women? Here's The Truth!What Do Men Like In Women? Here's The Truth!

If you're wondering 'what do men like in women,' chances are you are trying to figure out if this guy you like is into you too. So read on to know.

What do men like in women? Are they attracted to a woman’s physical appearance, or her personality? Do they love her laugh or her intelligence? Well, if you’re reading this article, chances are you are trying to figure out if this guy you like, is into you too. 

And while the most common answer might still be ‘good looks,’ but that’s just a small part of the deal. In this 21st century, not all men are looking for women who can cook, clean and rear children. If that’s what your guy says he likes in a woman, its perhaps right to reconsider your choice. 

Because as an independent and aspirational woman, you don’t need to be with a guy who cannot support and encourage your dreams. You need to be with somebody who loves that you are ambitious and can stand up for yourself. So if you’re still wondering ‘what so men like in women?’ its these forward-thinking ideas that should be on your list. 

What Do Men Like In Women? 

1. They like women who share their common interest

Just like women, men love a partner who can share their passion. Every guy has a subject that he loves to ‘nerd out’ over. It’s the one thing he talks about the most and his demeanour changes when he does. Even the shy guys have no problem talking about the subject they’re passionate about. 

So find out what your guy’s passionate about, ask him about it. You’ll discover that even the guys who are usually shy or nerdy will begin to talk about the subject they care about the most. When you find out more, you’ll know him better and connect with him on a deeper level. 

2. They like women who are also good listeners 

If you like a guy who can listen to you for hours, you partner may also expect the same from you. Your topic of discussion might not be the same, but good listening is one quality that everybody appreciates. 

Of course, we’re not saying that all you should do is be a good listener- at the expense of expressing yourself. No! But he is sharing something personal or even trivial and is really into his story, give him a listen. 

Guys can bond with a girl who they feel they can share everything with. You’ll discover that they won’t first bond and then open up, but opening up and sharing is the way for them to bond with you.

3. They like when women find them attractive 

What Do Men Like In Women

Men not only like to feel attractive for their partners, they also love it when their partners compliment them. | Image courtesy: Unsplash

Men want to feel attractive and if their partner compliments them on their physical appearance, it can work wonders on their self-esteem.

Telling them they look good in a suit, or telling them about what looks best on them can help them become their best versions. And when you are your best version, you feel confident, more empowered and happy in your relationship.

That’s why men not only like to feel attractive for their partners, they also love it when their partners compliment them.   

4. They want to spend time with women who share similar goals and aspirations

It’s the 21st century and you won’t find many guys who like to be with a girl who doesn’t share similar goals and aspirations. Today both men and women work and can work on goals that collectively work towards their progress. 

Whether it is work or on the home front, partner should have similar goals and aspirations. Guys look for partners who they can count on, especially to back them up in the future.

This doesn’t mean your goals should be aligned to help his. But that both your goals should be aligned in a way that you both feel supported by each other.     

5. They love a woman who has her own goals and dreams 

Although having similar goals is ideal in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have goals of your own. In fact, men are most attracted to women who are confident and have their own dreams and aspirations. 

They know that you are a great representative of their relationship. Plus, only if you have your own dreams and goals can you align them with his and create your collective goals. In any relationship, it’s crucial to know that your life’s  dreams and ambitions match. 

Remember that conflicting goals can work against the relationship. That’s why men love women who have their own goals and can align them with theirs. 

6. They obviously look for compatibility 

The importance of compatibility cannot be denied and its true for both genders. When you are compatible, it means you are in a relationship where you are at ease. It means you are happy to be around your partner and it feels good to spend time with them.

But if you’re constantly fighting to keep your relationship on track, it means you are not compatible. And that’s not a bad thing as long as you recognise it. You need to remember that compatibility and attraction are two different things. If you are attracted to somebody, it doesn’t mean you’ll be compatible as well.  

And this is the one quality that everybody looks in their partner. Guys look for compatibility in women who they wish to be associated with long-term.  

7. They want a woman who enjoys intimacy just as much as they do

What do men like in women other than what we just shared? The answer is physical intimacy. Its an act that both you and your partner enjoy and look forward to. And if you don’t, its an issue you need to discuss. 

Intimacy plays a crucial role in a relationship and it matters more to men than to women. So yes, it is one of those blunt things that you might not like to hear. But its a fact. If this is not a priority in your relationship, it can become worrisome later. 

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