Celebrity Style: 9 Outfit Ideas For You First Casual Date

Celebrity Style: 9 Outfit Ideas For You First Casual Date

Worry no more about what to wear on a casual first date, we've got the best styling ideas for all you girls!

If you're wondering what to wear on a causal first date, you are not alone. First dates can be quite nerve-wrecking and you end up second-guessing yourself and asking your friends to weigh in a million times. And sometimes even then remain undecided on your outfit.

But there is a way to ease this stress and that is by dressing in something you feel your most comfortable and confident. The art of perfecting a casual first date attire is to keep it simple and always remember that less is in fact, more.

Now in case you need some visual help to conjure up an outfit from your existing wardrobe, we've got the goods for you.

We're taking inspiration from our favourite celebs to decode what to wear on a causal first date. From dresses to denims, from florals to stripes, and flared jeans to short skirts there is something for everybody. 

1. Casual tee with a structured skirt 


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If you are a working gal who can't afford to keep changing a million times during the day, then its a good idea to stick with you you know best and that is business casual.

Take your look from day to night by throwing on a structured skirt under your favourite and most flattering tee. This look says is as fun and cool as it is mature and responsible.

You can always play up the accessories and add heels if you like or keep it more casual by going along with your pointed flats or sneakers. We are taking our inspiration from the stunning Heart Evangelista.  

2. Mini shift dress  


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There is nothing more fun and casual than a mini dress that you're super comfortable in. This is a great attire for a casual first date because it shows that you confident in your body and whilst you could've gone for an LBD, you like to take things more casually and are quite chilled-out. 

Adding fun accessories to it such as statement earrings can amp up the look even further. We are taking our style inspiration from Crazy Rich Asian star Gemma Chan who shows us how its done. 

 3. Muted maxi dress 


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If your style is more feminine and you love your dresses, then there are a tonne of options to explore for you too! Take a cue from Crazy Rich Asians actor Constance Wu who is putting her best foot forward in this gorgeous yet understated maxi dress. 

It is white, shows just a bit of decolletage looks flirty and fun and is perfect for a casual first date. You can keep the accessories and hair as simple as she has to let the dress do all the talking and also not to look as though you are trying too hard. 

4. Flared jeans with a loose tee 


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You can't go wrong with an outfit you've worn to death. And if you're usually on top of the latest fashion trends, you'll know that these are very much in vogue. And if so, it means you already own a few pairs of these flared jeans and have gone out in them many times.  

This makes such an outfit a part of your comfort zone and so a top contender on "what to wear on a casual first date." If your flared jeans and your casual loose tee makes you feel confident and happy, go for it. We are taking our inspiration from the gorgeous actress Carrie Wong who paired this attire with her Gucci handbag and slides. 

5. Romper with sneakers 


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Nothing says casual and flirty like a romper. Add to it some casual white sneakers and you are ready for your first casual first date. We are taking our inspiration for this look from actress Jayley Woo who looks super cute in her ruffled romper. 

You can also keep your hair and accessories to the minimal, perhaps adding just a statement bag or purse to your entire look. This will instantly elevate your look and make it more first date ready. 

6. Sleeveless coat, short skirt and slides 


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You mean business when it comes to fun and you are here to prove it! We are loving Seraph Sun's cute attire, which can be perfect for a casual first date. Pair your colourful short denim skirt with a sleeveless top and add a sleeveless jacket to the outfit. This makes it look like you've put a little effort into your dressing.

And frankly, this is a great outfit not just for casual first dates, but also for night outs. Add the accessories you most love and shoes you can easily walk in, because long walks should definitely be part of first dates. 

7. Shorts and spaghetti straps 


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K-pop star Wendy knows how to keep her look smart and casual and we are living for this shorts and top combo. She's paired her hot pants with a statement belt and added an open jumper over her spaghetti top, making her look chic yet professional. 

If you love your shorts or hot pants and live in them all day, it's a good idea to wear them to your date as well. Add your favourite accessories. We recommend going to for a sling, letting your hair loose and natural and adding a pop of colour to your lips

8. Jeans and a top


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This is everybody's favourite look. You can wear it in the office, take it from day to night and of course, wear it to your first casual date as well. Just like K-pop star CL, you can pair your skinny jeans with a statement shirt and add a jacket to amp up the look. 

Alternatively, you can just pair your jeans with a casual top and add some fun slides, sneakers or even heels if you are planning to wear it with a structured coat. We love this look for its simplicity and versatility. It also allows you to play with your makeup. 

9. Basic black LBD and a denim oversized shirt 


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Bring out your feminine style and keep it casual like K-pop star Sunmi. Throw on an oversized denim shirt over your LBD. Add to it a statement belt and accessorise with heels or your most favoured slides. Finish up with a matching handbag and you are good to go. 

This is such a fun, simple and easy to work with kind of look. And it certainly solves your "what to wear on a casual first date" dilemma. 

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