These Leak-Proof Swimsuits Are Designed Especially For Your Period

These Leak-Proof Swimsuits Are Designed Especially For Your Period

Here's how to have fun in the sun when Aunt Flo is in town.

Waterproof swimwear for periods sounds like a dream, but it's all too real.

It's a scenario that's all too familiar with almost all girls: You've been looking forward to this beach trip for weeks, have done crunches every day for the last week just so you can feel fab in your swimsuit, and then Aunt Flo arrives. For the rest of the weekend, you find yourself stuck on a lounge chair with your phone, watching your friends having fun in the water. Without you.

You can't go in the water wearing a napkin because it'll just absorb the water. Internal feminine hygiene products like tampons and menstrual cups are a great solution to let you enjoy the water during that time of the month, but not all women are 100% comfortable sticking foreign objects up their vagina.

Thankfully, there's an alternative. Some genius companies have created waterproof swimwear for periods. That's right — this is swimwear designed specifically to keep you accident-free while menstruating.

Here are two companies that sell waterproof swimwear for periods that you should check out.


These Leak-Proof Swimsuits Are Designed Especially For Your Period

Modibodi first caught our attention with their period panties, which are a sustainable alternative to traditional feminine hygiene products. Their swim line claims to be leak-proof, and is built with technology that fights odour and lets your swimwear dry quickly. However, Modibodi does specify that their waterproof swimwear for periods is designed for "light periods and spotting", so on heavy days, pack a pad to change into when you get out of the water.

Their swimwear line comes in two styles: a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit.


These Leak-Proof Swimsuits Are Designed Especially For Your Period

PantyProp's swimwear for periods has a built-in absorbent liner that prevents leaks. However, like Modibodi, it seems as if it's not designed to be worn alone on heavy days, so when you're at the peak of your period, pack a pad. PantyProp has a wider array of designs to choose from, from basic black one-pieces to ruffly bikinis.

Will waterproof swimwear for periods hit the mainstream?

Though there's a huge need, there aren't a lot of companies creating solutions for menstruating women who want to swim. These waterproof swimwear for periods is a step in the right direction, but we still need more options.

Modibodi and PantyProp's products are promising, especially for women who aren't comfortable with tampons or menstrual cups — either for physiological or cultural reasons. 

Would you try wearing one of these waterproof swimwear for periods?