How To Restyle Your Wardrobe Essentials For A Warm Christmas Vacation

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Famous Asian influencers style their beloved wardrobe essentials in completely different comfortable yet equally fashionable looks

All of us have a closet full of wardrobe essentials and basics. From white tees to basic denims to dresses and skirts. But it’s how we style them for each season is what makes them not so basic.

So while individually they may not seem as exciting, a bit of layering, colour blocking and with the addition of some bling, you can transform each piece.

5 Ways To Restyle Your Wardrobe Essentials 

So we took a bit of inspiration from five of the leading Asian fashion influencers and decoded their ‘hot-day’ style. These are comfortable yet equally fashionable and will suit women of all sizes!  

1. The jeans option by Song of Style

Your jeans may be fresh from overuse through the cold days. But don’t stop now. Pair them with statement tops and blouses (especially the ones with retro prints and bulbous sleeves) and be the girl boss that you are. Casual yet chic.

summer beauty looks for women

We’re taking our mum-jeansp'iration' from Aimee Song.  

2. The white wrap blouse option by Kim Cam Jones

There is no better time to rethink your white blouses than 2018. The current favourite styles of bulbous sleeves, off-shoulder and wrap are a must in a fashionistas wardrobe. Pair them with midi skirts or wide legged side slit jeans, it’s totally up to you.

summer beauty looks for women

We’re taking our business casual inspiration from Kim Jones.

3. The maxi dress option by Levi Nguyen

The hot days are also a great time for your maxi dresses. Many global clothing brands have been trying to make the maxi dress a statement piece for a whole year now, you can jump on the bandwagon as well. But why settle for mass production, when you can create a masterpiece yourself.  

summer beauty looks for women

How about experimenting with a bit of lace and georgette? We are taking our inspiration from Levi Nguyen.

4. The skirt option by Ellyse Sinsilia

Hot days mean flowing, loose and breathable clothing. And nothing says that aloud other than skirts! But if you are a fashionista, you wouldn’t settle for just any skirt now, would you?

summer beauty looks for women

How about statement skirts? Along with eccentric cuts and mixed textures, you can experiment with colours, shapes and even sizes!

We are taking our skirt inspiration from Ellyse Sinsilia.  

5. The casual white tee Option by Venessa Hong

A basic white tee is a staple in every woman’s closet, whether or not you are into fashion and trends. You can style it with pants, jeans, skirts, culottes and even as dresses (if you are experimental enough).

summer beauty looks for women

Either way, a white tee can go a long way in making the right noises- style wise. We are taking our inspiration from Venessa Hong.  

We are sure that these fabulously restyled wardrobe essentials will inspire you just as it did us. 

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Deepshikha Punj