This Virtual Influencer’s Daily Beauty Ritual Can Put Models To Shame

This Virtual Influencer’s Daily Beauty Ritual Can Put Models To Shame

A virtual influencer worth her salt, Noonoouri's daily skincare routine can put any mortal to shame

If the flawlessness of models and actresses wasn't enough to intimidate us, there is a new creature of perfection in town. Her perfectly angular visage, playing hide-and-seek under her fringe can given supermodels a run for their money. And, she isn't even flesh and blood!

A virtual influencer worth her salt, Noonoouri (with her almost 100K Instagram followers) has taken over social media. She posts glamourous shots in haute couture and isn't afraid to share her love for luxury beauty. No wonder then she has a bevy of brands running behind her for endorsements. 

But who is she and where did she come from? 

This Virtual Influencer Can Give Models A Run For Their Money

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Conceptualised and created by Germany-based Joerg Zuber, Noonoouri is a CGI (computer generated imagery) avatar. She is cute, curious and is all about the couture

"I actually did a motion capture shooting in the very beginning before I gave life to Noonoouri. I wanted to have natural movements later paired and adjusted by the computer. During a shoot, the real person has to use the imagination of Noonoouri which is not so difficult when I am around.  Later we substitute the character (somewhat similar to the character Gollum in "Lord Of The Rings")," Zuber told Forbes about his creation.  

Noonoouri has a slightly over-sized head, an expressionless gaze a'la Hello Kitty and legs for days. And even though she is different and doesn't fit in the 'ideal' runway model height, she is in the major leagues.

Brands like Dior and Kim Kardashian West are lining up to work with this CGI avatar (who lives in Paris, by the way). But its her beauty routine that has caught people's attention. 

Noonnouri Spills The Beans On Her Glowing Skin 

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While sharing her secrets of a flawless skin with Vogue, Noonoouri said that she believes in rituals and follows the same skincare routine everyday.  

“For me, the most important beauty routine is cleanse-tone-nourish. I always use an electronic [facial] brush with different applications for stronger, deep, or pore-refining cleansing. Then I use resurfacing peeling pads enriched with AHA acids for glowing skin. I wipe my skin and leave toner on while I brush my teeth—after using dental sticks and dental floss," says the famous virtual influencer.

The two-dimensional stunner whose skincare routine can put models to shame adds, "Then I apply an eye serum and a face serum for deep nourishing. Before I step into my bed I cream my feet and hands with a rich hand [salve] . . . at the moment, I also love the peel-off masks. And I never go out without mascara—eyes are everything!” 

Don’t Drink, Inhale Fresh Air, And Love Your Job: Says Noonoouri

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A strict skincare ritual doesn't mean virtual influencer Noonoouri is opposed to idea of surgical help to enhance one's beauty. After all, you can't remain young forever! 

“There is nothing bad about little helpers. I think everybody has to decide for herself. But as with everything, too much of it can be too much. I feel there should be more responsibility on the side of the doctors, as there seem to be some out there who are mostly money driven!”

Interestingly enough even though she lives in a virtual world, Noonoouri isn't afraid to age. She says her 'lifestyle' is healthy and will allow her to age gracefully (a sneaky advice). 

"I will get older gracefully! Sports, stretching, oxygen, good nutrition—I am vegan, no smoking. Don’t drink, inhale fresh air, and love your job! And have a lot of green tea,” reveals this social media star, who adds that her best quality is her cuteness. 

We couldn't agree more! 

Source: Forbes 

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