Creep Like A Pro: How To Watch Someone's Instagram Stories Anonymously

Creep Like A Pro: How To Watch Someone's Instagram Stories Anonymously

Cyberstalking has never been this extra.

Whether it’s an ex’s new girlfriend, a guy you’ve been secretly crushing on, or that girl who made your high school a living hell, there are certain Instagram stories we’re dying to watch — if only we could do it anonymously. But thankfully, there are ways to view IG stories anonymously. Read on to learn how to be an expert insta-stalker.

How to view IG stories anonymously

1. Taking a peek

There’s one simple way to take a peek of someone’s Instagram stories without them noticing. First, you have to look for the story you want to watch from the lineup on top of your feed (this particular hack won’t work if you go to the stalkee’s profile).

In this demonstration, we’ll be creeping on Maybelline’s story (Story A) by watching Urban Decay’s story (Story B).

Creep Like A Pro: How To Watch Someone's Instagram Stories Anonymously

To do that, just follow these instructions:

1. Open Story B, and let it play for a bit. Then, press the Instagram story and hold. This should pause the story. Keep holding.

2. Then, once the story is paused, swipe a little bit to the left or right without lifting your finger. This lets you take a peek at Story A, which is the story you’re really interested in.

Creep Like A Pro: How To Watch Someone's Instagram Stories Anonymously

It won’t play completely, but you’ll see its first frame, which might be more than enough to satiate your interests.

View the video below to see a quick demo of this method:

2. Going on airplane mode.

This method is pretty straightforward — you can simply wait for the stories to load by first going to your stalkee’s page. Then, switch to airplane mode and view the story. They’ll never know.

3. Use an external tool.

If you’re a little hardcore and you wanna go the extra mile, you could download an app that lets you view IG stories anonymously, like KeepStory for iOS and Instagram Story Saver for Android. These apps don’t just let you view IG stories anonymously; they also let you download the stories so you get to have them on your phone even after the stories disappear from your feeds.

If you don’t feel like downloading an app, you could also use online tools like StoriesIG, StoryInsta, and Weinstag. These tools will let you download Instagram stories anonymously by just entering the person’s handle. The best part? They’re pretty easy to use, too!

Parting note: Creep responsibly

Though being a creep occasionally can be fun, obsessing over people’s lives isn’t healthy. If you don’t want someone to see you watching their stories, that’s usually a good sign that you should just take the high road and walk away from the situation.

Learning about the goings-on in that person’s life might seem like a fun idea at first, but you might end up feeling worse after doing so (especially if it concerns an ex!). Have fun with social media, but be mindful of how you react and interact with the people there.

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