Victoria's Secret CEO Quits, Amid Sales Slump And Model Racism Controversy

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Victoria's Secret profit margin and recent lack of diversity controversies drive its chief executive office Jan Singer out

Just days following up to a seemingly successful Victoria's Secret (VS) show, the company's CEO, Jan Singer has stepped down. For the past few months, Victoria's Secret profit margin had been steadily dwindling, and it came under fire recently for using 'whitewashed' models

Victoria's Secret Profit Margin Force Singer Out

Singer joined VS after her sting with Spanx and was reportedly "aggressively" trying to salvage the company sales and add new customers. But couldn't save it.

In fact, soon after her resignation, the lingerie company, owned by L Brands, experienced a drop in the stock market. But picked up by 1 percent a day later.

The company is yet to officially share more details about Singer's ouster and neither have they announced her replacement. 

This shocking departure comes on the heels of brand's marketing director Ed Razek's interview with Vogue. He told the glossy that Victoria's Secret decided against casting transgender or plus-size models on the show.

For the uninitiated, the VS show took place in New York on November 8.  

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"We attempted to do a television special for plus-sizes (in 2000). No one had any interest in it, still don't," he said. He even cited Rihanna's Fenty x Savage lingerie to say that they include plus-size models but VC didn't want to be "politically correct." 

Soon after this interview, Razek faced a huge backlash for his comments on social media. So much so that he had to issue a public apology. All of this, clubbed with the racism issue trickled down to Singer's resignation.

For the uninitiated, Victoria's Secret was recently bashed for lack of diversity on the show. Although to give them a benefit of doubt, they did hire the first Filipino VS model.

An AB Communications graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, Kelsey Merritt, 22, made history after becoming the first Philippines Victoria Secret model to be cast on the show. 

Victoria's Secret Tried To Hire Diverse Models This Year

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As we mentioned earlier, Meritt, who was born in Pampanga and grew up in Manila announced her selection in September through an Instagram post, she not only made history for her country, but also joined the ranks of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

"Getting the show is the dream come true but being the first Filipino woman to walk in the show means I’m making history. The show is broadcast on more than 190 countries with models from 20 countries and I got chosen to represent my region. Blessed!" she told Teen Vogue.

However, even she came under fire from VS fans for pretending to be American to get the job. 

Born to her Filipino mum and American father, Merritt has been under fire for whitewashing (read presenting) herself more as an American to grab the job. Some people even shared that even though she is not 'pure Filipina,' she was playing the Asia card to her advantage. 

But she hit back at her critics, announcing her love for her native country. 

The gorgeous model tweeted: "Pinanganak ako sa Pilipinas at lumaki ako sa Pampanga. Tinapos ko ang pag-aaral ko sa Manila bago ako lumipat sa US last year. Mas pinoy pa dugo ko kesa sa mga 'pure' na hindi pa nakatapak sa [Pilipinas]. (I was born in the Philippines and grew up in Pampanga. I finished my studies in Manila before I moved to the US last year. My blood is more Filipino than those of 'pure' ones who've never stepped on Philippine soil). I love my country and I'm proud of where I came from." 

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