This Vagina Sheet Mask Is Apparently A Thing, But Is It Actually Good For Your Genitalia?

This Vagina Sheet Mask Is Apparently A Thing, But Is It Actually Good For Your Genitalia?This Vagina Sheet Mask Is Apparently A Thing, But Is It Actually Good For Your Genitalia?

Good news(?): This luxury sheet mask for your vulva is now available in Manila and Singapore! But do you really need this product to begin with?

Curious how you can care for your vulva? With the help of some healthy bacteria, the vagina is self-cleaning, but the vulva still requires some assistance. Fret not, you can now use a vagina sheet mask to tend to this area that is often exposed to waxing and shaving, among other rough treatments.

For some tender loving care, try using a sheet mask made especially for the sacred area! Yes, you heard it right. After all, the vulva is still a part of your skin, and deserves a treat once in a while. Curious to know more about this intriguing existence of a vagina sheet mask? Well, read on to find out more and satiate your curiosity!

WTF Is A Vagina Sheet Mask

This vagina sheet mask is called Two Lips Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask, which retails at $25 a pop. Interestingly, it is also equipped with some hefty claims that can help your vulva with everything from detoxifying, brightening, soothing, rejuvenating, and moisturizing. 

Dubbed as "the world's first vulva mask," it contains organic ingredients including Chamomile, Cornflower, White Licorice, Aloe Vera, as well as Centella Asiatica to help eliminate toxins and decrease skin irritation and redness. You can now choose to pamper your sacred area or just give it a little soothing treatment after some heavy duty waxing!

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How Do You Apply It?

Those interested in the product will be pleased to know that it's available in the Philippines and Singapore (at Strip Manila and Strip Singapore branches). And it makes for a pretty easy application.

To apply, get your vulva washed and dried first. Then, remove the protective layer from the lace and charcoal mask. To follow up, apply the mask with the lace side facing up on the vulva, and fold in the flaps into the inner thighs. The next step is the best part, as all you need to do is just chill out and leave it alone for 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, remove the sheet mask and pat in the leftover serum.
This Vagina Sheet Mask Is Apparently A Thing, But Is It Actually Good For Your Genitalia?

Why Does It Exist?

With the equivalent of half a bottle of serum in each one, Two Lips may have struck gold with this sheet mask, as far as similar products go. But the problem still lies in applying it on the vulva, as even putting natural oils and fragrances is pretty tricky.

"The skin on the vulva is thinner than the face, so it can get irritated from chemicals very quickly," dermatologist Lily Talakoub Talakoub told Allure.

In addition, gynecologist Adeeti Gupta highlighted two ingredients including ethyl-ascorbic acid and dipotassium glycyrrhizate that "could cause irritation in susceptible people," even if most of the ingredients in the mask are known to be non-irritating.

"Since it's in a trapped area of the body with restricted airflow for the major part of the day, the skin on the vulva is even more susceptible to any toxic agents and pH changes — therefore, extreme caution is advisable," Gupta said.

This Vagina Sheet Mask Is Apparently A Thing, But Is It Actually Good For Your Genitalia?

In addition, one concern could be the charcoal particles themselves, said Gupta.

"I would definitely suggest washing it off completely and carefully so as to not leave any particles behind since they can act as a foreign material causing trouble down there," she said.

According to Gupta, a gentle, natural moisturizer like coconut oil could suffice to give your sacred bit some TLC. On the other hand, there are two factors to keep in mind in order to avoid skin irritation down there, if you insist on using the vaginal sheet mask.

"First check for sensitivity by applying to a small area on your face or even the side of the vulva," she added. Do not continue if it becomes itchy or turns red after a few minutes.

"Be sure not to scrub the skin clean, just let it wash off with plain running water and use your hands — no scrubby sponges," Gupta said, as she recommends rinsing the area properly after masking. "Dab dry and then let the area be."

To Use Or Not To Use?

You might ask if you REALLY require yet another beauty treatment for your vulva? According to the experts, it depends. 

"The vaginal area is a very sensitive area that does change over time," Talakoub said, adding that it's unnecessary to adopt a vaginal skin-care regime, even if the area faces changes due to various factors such as pregnancy, hormones, and friction that can lead to discoloration.

"The best TLC for the business down there is to apply the least amount of stuff possible — less is more," said Goupta.

According to Talakoub, your vagina is self-sufficient especially when it comes to moisturizing. On the other hand, there could be problems ahead if you apply a moisturizing mask in the area, which is naturally moist and damp. Moisturizing the vulva could lead to yeast and skin infections.

"Allergic reactions are common given the thin lining of the skin, the decreased mucosal barrier, and the sensitivity of the area. Plus, dampening the area will increase risk of yeast infections," Talakoub added. "Just like douches, this is not a good idea."

So basically, this is one treatment you should probably skip. Beauty does not have to be all pain, and you should have fun, and not feel uncomfortable trying anything that does not feel good to you.

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