Yes, Vagina Makeup Exists! Because This Is Where We're At Right Now

Yes, Vagina Makeup Exists! Because This Is Where We're At Right NowYes, Vagina Makeup Exists! Because This Is Where We're At Right Now

A Scandinavian brand called The Perfect V is marketing vagina makeup as skincare for your lady bits. But is this something you really need? 

Welcome to a world where vagina makeup is the new normal!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably already know that vagina makeup has been in the market for well over two years. It was first brought out by a Scandinavian brand called The Perfect V that marketed it as skincare for the vagina. 

There Is A Gap In The Vagina Makeup Market. Apparently!

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The company's founder, Avonda Urben was and is still of the view that there are no luxury brands that help to keep the vagina "looking great."

"Simply put there was a need for these products - there are no luxury skin care products designed specifically for the V. Women already take care of their bikini area by removing hair and taking care of their bikini area however none of the premium brands offer anything lux to keep that skin looking great," Urben told Cosmetic Business last year.

She also added that her line of VV Creams were "formulated to address the specific concerns of that delicate skin plus provide real skin care benefits - moisturising, comforting, smoothing - the line really pampers the skin - like we do for the rest of the body."

And that they were "luxurious formulations with clean beauty principles – the products contain no parabens, are SLS Free, no fragrance, and are not tested on animals." 

Okay! But How Do You Use Vagina Makeup?

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The company also advises that their products be used in three steps.

  • The first step is cleansing and there are three products: VV cream gentle wash, VV cream beauty sheets, VV beauty mist.
  • Second step is to solution, where you use a gentle exfoliator. So the products to use are VV cream gentle exfoliator, VV cream, and VV cream intensive.
  • And the final step is beauty with two products: VV serum and VV illuminiser (a cream to highlight your vagina). 

So who is the target audience here, you might ask?

After the Hong Kong launch of the line Urben told South China Morning Post (SCMP), that the brand's early adopters were all young millennials. 

"Early adopters have been girls who go to spas and salons, as well as a younger crowd who spend time on looking good. With education hopefully it will go mainstream,” she told the daily. 

“This type of product doesn’t fly off the shelves and has to be explained because it is so new and innovative. Believe me, no matter what country you’re in, it can be a taboo subject. But once people learn more, they want to try it," she added. 

We couldn't agree more.

Okay, We Agree! There Are Advantages Of Using Such Products

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Yes, there is taboo about the use of vaginal lightening or beautifying products. And, brands like The Perfect V are creating awareness about the need for female personal hygiene.

There are also other advantages including the packaging that is totally Instagram worthy. Plus, the ingredients are all natural and beneficial to the body. 

As Urben says in her interview, "The natural ingredients found in Scandinavia (arctic cloudberry, bilberry, elderflower, lingonberry, rose hips and sea buckthorn) all work together to alleviate the problems associated with removing hair and soften and moisturise the skin." 

Not to forget, the products are all made under strict regulations. Urben explains, "We formulate and make the products in a reputable facility in England and follow the strict regulations of the EU and Scandinavia. The chemists that worked on these formulas are specialists in women’s skin care." 

However, even with all these advantages, there is something intrinsically wrong with the concept. 

But Let's Not Pretend This Is Something We Need

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The line although says skincare, it screams cosmetology. Because there are brands and products that aim to keep your vagina healthy and then there are those that wish to make it pretty. This one is the latter. And while there is nothing wrong with wanting a pretty vagina (why shouldn't you, if that's what you really want).

But the fact is that the messaging may be detrimental to impressionable millennials. For whom, the world of Instagram and filters is life and everything that's not on there is unreal. 

The idea of the brand might be to positively say that a healthy vagina is also a pretty vagina. But that's not true. There is no such thing as a "perfect vagina." Each vagina is different and in majority of cases darker than the rest of the body. So the idea that everybody can have one type of vagina is taking it a bit too far. 

The fact is that vagina is a self-cleaning machine. You don't really need much to clean it, let along highlight it for more 'illuminosity.' Unless you're super flexible to check out how your vagina looks after all that illuminiser, its possible that all this luxe highlighting might go to waste.  

At the moment, the brand hasn't reached the shores of Singapore or Philippines, so its NBD.

And even though there are brands that still offer 'beautification of vagina' or 'vagina makeup' just remember: your vagina is beautiful, irrespective of whether or not you choose to rub a luxe highlighter on it!


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Deepshikha Punj