Useful Mascara Hacks: How To Take Your Lash Game To The Next Level

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Take your lash game to the next level with these useful mascara hacks.

Ask any makeup lover about her ride-or-die products and we bet a mascara will feature among the top five. The reason is simple. As routine as a mascara may seem to some, it has the power to transform your face. And if you aren’t used to wearing it yet, these useful mascara hacks can help you add it to your daily makeup routine.

They are easy to incorporate into a daily makeup routine and you’ll finally have those fluffy power lashes you’ve been wanting for so long. Because yes, we’ve all been there – no matter how many beauty articles you read about getting the perfect lash, we can almost always mess it up.  

But that doesn’t mean your day of gorgeous lashes is far away! If you follow these useful mascara hacks, you can get yours today.  

So let’s get into it.

5 Useful Mascara Hacks To Up Your Beauty Game

1. Prime it up

As is the case of your foundation, it is crucial to prep your eyelashes before the first coat of mascara. How do you do it? Simple. With an eyelash primer.

This is a useful mascara hack because it ensures that your mascara remains on for  longer , doesn’t smudge and also makes it easy for you to take it off (we all know how painful it is to take off waterproof mascara).

If your eyelashes are prepped it will make it easy for the mascara to go on smoothly. But does it necessarily remove all clumps? Unless you like a clumpy looking lash (which is great too – whatever floats your boat), you can avoid it by placing it in hot water.

Yes, literally!

Take a glass full of hot water and place your capped mascara in it for about a minute. When you take it out, it’ll go on smoothly onto the lashes, just as it did when you first bought it.

2. Turn your mascara into a nourishing lash booster

Yes, you can do that! Isn’t that awesome?

Typically, when you use a mascara (even if it’s fresh), it  makes your lashes crispy and almost stick-like. But if you add a bit of essential oil to it, you can convert it into a nourishing lash booster that doesn’t leave you with stick-like lashes.

So for this, just ass 1-1.5 drops of lavender oil to your new mascara. Make sure to not go overboard with the essential oil as it can have a strong effect and even damage your eye. So be careful!.

Plus, when you take off your makeup, your makeup wipes won’t take off a bunch of lashes with them. And finally, lavender oil is antibacterial. So it’s going to prevent any germ or bacterial formation inside your mascara tube.

3. Keep your wands clean

“How do I do that?” you may ask. It’s simple. Take out your mascara wand and give it a rinse under warm water. Then scrub any excess mascara on  tissue paper or a makeup wipe and viola!

useful mascara hacks

Always make sure to wipe off excess mascara before you apply it to your lash to avoid clumping. | Image courtesy: Pixabay

Ideally, you should do this exercise once every two weeks. What it essentially does is to eliminate any excess buildup of mascara so you have a clean sweep on your lash. Plus, it prevent accumulation of bacteria.

The pro tip is to completely dry the wand before you place it back into the tube.

4. Bend your wand to get a wing at those inner lashes

You may not have known this  but you can actually bend your mascara wand. Yes, you read that right!

When you apply your mascara, you ideally take it upwards from the roots to your tips wiggling it right to left. But in doing so, sometimes the tip of the wand brushes against the inner corner of your eyes leaving behind a blot of mascara on your face. How do you avoid that?

One of the most useful mascara hacks for easy application includes bending the wand. Just as you are about to take the wand out of the tube, bend the tip (from where the bristles begin). This will bend the tip almost 90 degrees and enable easy smudge-free application.

5. Choose the right wand

Now if you do not have much time to apply mascara in the morning, you can always begin by selecting the right wand. Yes, there is such a thing.

Evaluate the purpose of wear, by which we mean do you want the mascara for just your upper lashes or your lower lashes as well? Do you want them to add volume or lift or do you want a natural look?

For natural lashes, your wand should be pear-shaped and slim with small bristles. While for defined length, it’s better if the wand has the same length and breadth at the tip. For fuller lashes a thick wand works best. And finally, for voluminous lashes a stubbed tip works well.  

Perfect lashes are yours for the applying! You’re welcome, ladies!

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Deepshikha Punj