Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics Could Soon Be Illegal In Singapore

Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics Could Soon Be Illegal In Singapore

It's about time.

Dealing with unsolicited dick pics is a pain, and the thing is, you don't have to be on a dating app to get them. The most shameless men often share their unwanted dick pics via social media platforms and even Apple's Airdrop feature. But because sending these pics is basically the digital equivalent of flashing, shouldn't they be criminalized? Are unsolicited dick pics illegal?

In Singapore, it might soon be. According to the new Criminal Law Reform Bill, which was read for the first time on 11 February 2019, unsolicited sexual exposure can soon be criminalized.

Is sending unsolicited dick pics illegal?

The new Bill lists "cyber-flashing" as a new offense, defining it as:

"situations where images of genitalia are sent to recipients without their consent, and with the intention to cause humiliation, distress, or alarm."

The bill also aims to criminalize distributing other people's intimate images. It recommends that the government:

  1. Create new offences that criminalise the production, possession, and distribution of voyeuristic recordings. This will better address cases of “up-skirt” photography, and the circulation of such images.
  2. Create a new offence of distributing or threatening to distribute an intimate image, which is more widely known as “revenge pornography”.
  3. Create a new offence of sexual exposure to deal with “flashers”. This offence will cover situations where a person exposes his or her genitalia intending or knowing that such display will humiliate or cause distress or alarm to the observer.

These new laws will also deal with distributing offensive content over platforms with time limitations — such as Snapchat and Telegram, which has a self-destruct timer function for certain messages.

"The act of distribution of such images will be an offence, even if the content was uploaded with a time limitation," the ministries of Law and Home Affairs told Channel News Asia.

How to deal with unsolicited dick pics

Unfortunately, those of us who live outside Singapore will probably have to keep dealing with unsolicited dick pics themselves for the time being, though we wish other countries will follow suit and make unsolicited dick pics illegal.

What should you do if you keep getting unwanted dick pics? Here are a few ideas.

1. Share it with friends.

2. Freak him out

3. Send one back.

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4. Tattle.

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Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics Could Soon Be Illegal In SingaporeSending Unsolicited Dick Pics Could Soon Be Illegal In Singapore

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