Ditched! The Cat Eyewear Has Been Officially Dethroned

Ditched! The Cat Eyewear Has Been Officially DethronedDitched! The Cat Eyewear Has Been Officially Dethroned

The latest types of sunglass shapes are both stylish and practical and look amazing on almost every face shape!

Last year was all about the cat eyewear. It was literally everywhere you looked. From the runways to the high street shops, and even the flea market. Which meant that every actor, every model and every girl on the street owned them and they were obviously difficult to ignore. But that was so 2017! Time has come for new types of sunglass shapes.

Girls are trading in their cat eyewear for a new shape, just in time for the hot days.

If you haven't guessed it yet, then lo and behold, we are talking about the current favourite eyewear shape--rectangle.   

New Types Of Sunglasses Shapes Have Taken Over The Market 

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As is the case with most new trends these days, this one was also first seen on supermodels including Bella Hadid and Kendel Jenner.

It was soon followed up by actors and models across the globe, taking this runway trend to local markets. But who can blame them for making these latest types of sunglass shapes a major go-to. We tried them and let us tell you they are comfortable AF.

They cover your entire face (for real) and actually work as sunnies should. 

And on days when you are feeling particularly boujee, you can always opt for the smaller versions of the rectangular sunglasses that you'll find in most high street shops. They are sleek, super skinny shades that have also made special appearances at Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, and even on Prada. This means that if you like to hop on the trend bandwagon, chances are you will ditch your oversize sunnies in favour of these micro frames.

The good news is that rectangular sunglasses are available in many variants.

These include in the rounded rectangular version, sleek slim, oversized straight cut, narrow rectangular sunglasses, flat screen and coloured frames. 

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But with so many options available in the market and almost every fashion blogger wearing them, how'd you know what suits you best?

Well, there is a simple trick to check if a particular style would look great on your face. And that is identification of your face shape. 

Face Shape Determines The Types of Sunglasses You Should Wear

As mentioned in our previous article, there are essentially six face shapes- oval, square, round, heart, rectangular, pear and diamond. Since each of these shapes are unique, you cannot accessorise them the same way.

So to know what suits your face, you can begin by identifying your face shape. Begin by standing in front of the mirror and check the following:

Step 1: Identify the widest part of your face

  • Forehead: If your forehead is the widest part and your face tapers down, you probably have a heart-shaped face.
  • Cheekbones: If you have prominent cheekbones, you may have oval, round, diamond or a heart-shaped face.
  • Jaw: A prominent jaw with a narrow forehead means you have a pear-shaped face.
  • They all look the same: If all of your features including the forehead, jawline and cheekbones appear similar, you probably have a square or long face.

Step 2: Identify the shape of your jaw

  • Round: A well-rounded jawline means you have a round, oval or oblong face shape.
  • Square: As the name suggests, if it looks square, you could have a square-shaped face. However, you must still check the distance between the three points- forehead, cheekbones and jawline to check. If they are not similar, it could be rectangular.  
  • Pointy: If your chin is pointed and your have narrow forehead and cheekbones, it’s a diamond shape.

Step 3: Identify the length of your face

  • Short: If the length and width of your face are almost equal and you have a rounded jaw, you probably have a round face shape.  
  • Average: If your face is longer than it wide, you could have an oval shape. But if your face is longer than it is wide and your chin is pointy, you could have an inverted triangle shape.
  • Long: If your face is prominently longer than it is wider, it could possibly be oval in shape.

Now, some people have a combination of features and that may make it more difficult for them to identify their face shape. In that case, go with the features that are slightly more prominent and viola! 

We've already got our hands on a few rectangular sunnies based on our face shape and are flaunting them already on the 'gram. If you have too, then tag us on Instagram or Facebook or share your images in the Comments section below. 

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