Here They Are! The Top 7 Nail Trends To Follow This Year

Here They Are! The Top 7 Nail Trends To Follow This Year

We care calling it! These are the top nail trends to follow this year and you don't even need a professional manicurist to get these looks.

Nail art trend may come and go, but the art itself will remain eternal. If the top nail trends to follow in 2018 are anything to go by, we think this couldn’t be more true.

From Picasso-inspired manicures to blocked-off polish to single accents, this year nail trends are taking a step back to bring minimalism to the front. This means, you don’t have to go to a manicurist to get your nails looking trendy, you can do it at the comfort of your own home.

So grab your polish and take some inspiration from these top nail trends to follow in 2018.

Top 7 Nail Trends To Follow This Year

#1 Picasso Nails

These are all the rage at the moment and if you love a dash of art on your nails, a Pablo Picasso-inspired manicure is all you need. The good news is that it is easy to replicate at home.


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All you need is a base coat colour of your choice and a dark colour to accentuate the art. We recommend using a thin eyeliner brush to draw your own Picasso-inspired designs. 

#2 Classic red

The classic red nail can never go out of fashion. It is like the best friend who you can always reply upon when all else fails. This staple was seen on most runways this year and it is already probably your go-to as well.


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We might suggest adding a bit of sheen to it by using a top coat. It does both, protecting your nailpaint from chipping and adding a glossy sheen to it. 

#3 Blocked nails 

If you're all about edgy and experimental trends, we suggest going for the blocked nail trend. Blocked-off nails or chopped nails show off perfectly angled and clean blocks of police on one-third of your nail.


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Just apply a base coat and let it dry. Now, stick a tape over the top or bottom two-thirds of your nail and add any colour that you may so desire on the remaining part. Let dry, and peel the tape.

Finish this look off with another layer of the top coat and boom- you're done. 

#4 Single accents 

This style is so on trend and followed by so many beauty bloggers and designers on the runway that it has officially become the best non-existent manicure.

Not to forget the minimalism makes it apt for you busy girls on-the-go.      


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To get this look you can freestyle a line on any of your nails in any way that you so desire. Or if you want total perfection, you can take the nail bed and the top part of your nail, leaving the middle exposed.

Paint that part with the colour of your choice. Let it dry and peel off the tape and viola! 

#5 Outlines

This futuristic design allows you to experiment with colours and styles of outlines. Just pain two coats of your favourite polish to get your base and let it air dry. 


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Once that is done, use a nail-art pen or an eyeliner brush and a slightly darker polish to paint the edges of your nails. You may have to do two coats just to get the outline colour to pop so be sure to add another coat. 

Let it dry and then seal this masterpiece of yours with a top coat. 

#6 Super nudes

The classic, clean and gorgeous super nudes are also back in vogue. And no, we are not talking about the 'almost nude' nudes that were a rage last year. But nudes that match perfectly to your skin making them look absolutely natural.


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Once you have hunted down your favourite nude, which is a soft barely-there colour, be sure to top it up with a clear coat. It not only looks polished, but also accentuates the colour. 

#7 Dipped dot nails

These might seem similar to a french manicure but trust us, they are quite different. They look like you just dipped the edges of your nails in a paint and that makes all the difference. 


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After you apply the base coat, just freestyle an outline on the edges with your favourite colour. If you want to be extra precise, you can try pasting a tape over your nails and leaving just the edges to paint. Once dry, peel off the tape and finish off with a top coat. 

With so many styles and top nail trends to follow, we are sure you won't get bored soon. Let us know what you thought of these styles and if you tried any yourself. 

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Deepshikha Punj