6 LGBT-Friendly Destinations You Should Explore With Your Partner

6 LGBT-Friendly Destinations You Should Explore With Your Partner6 LGBT-Friendly Destinations You Should Explore With Your Partner

Whilst waiting for the freedom to love to be our right anytime anywhere on the planet, we're super glad some LGBT friendly countries have made a clear stand for us.

What are the world's most LGBT friendly countries?

Be it for holiday, marriage or residency, here's a list of places you and your partner can expect a warm welcome!

Top LGBT Friendly Countries: 6 places to fall in love with

Sometimes you just want to be able to hold your partner's hand without getting rude stares.

You just want the basic right of feeling safe, away from judgement, when the one you love kisses you in public.

As vast as the world is, there are too many places out there that remain unaccepting towards the notion of #loveislove; irregardless of race, gender, sexuality or religion.

However, that is not the stance of these 6 countries below.

1.  North America: Canada

Boasting lush scenery and amazing landscapes, Canada is ranked amongst the top LGBT friendly countries globally.

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The country legalised same sex marriage as early as 2005 and the country's prime minister Justin Trudeau, has always been openly welcoming to the LGBT community.

This is a popular destination for those seeking to tie the knot or even asylum, if it means staying safe from persecution in your country of origin.

2.  Oceania: New Zealand

Okay it may be true that New Zealand is perceived to be at the "arse" end of the world. It is far to get to and may command some steep air fares.

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But, you absolutely cannot contest it's friendliness to the LGBT community. The kiwis have been ahead of many in acceptance of the LGBT folks. Same sex marriage was legalised here in 2013.

Aside from it's jaw-dropping  surroundings, this country makes it a breeze for LGBT people to exchange vows. Those seeking to get married should make New Zealand a top choice.

We guarantee you hitched just under forty five minutes with hearty cheers from the registry office.

3.  Africa: South Africa

Who hasn't once dreamed of travelling to this beautiful country? 

This destination is not only LGBT friendly but also home to spectacular views and historical landmarks.

Johannesburg in South Africa is also host to many pride festivals such as the annual Jo'Burg Pride event, the Out in Africa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and most of the annual Mr. Gay South Africa competitions.

Same sex marriage has been legal here since 2006 and was the first country in Africa to push through on it.

4. Europe: The Netherlands

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It was practically unimaginable not to include the Netherlands in this list.

After all it was the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriage and set the stage for many countries to follow suit.

Meet a Dutch person and they will defend the rights of all humans alike, to death. Worldwide, this country has become almost a beacon for the LGBT community for it's openness and friendliness.

Amsterdam is a popular destination for tourists as well as LGBT peeps, where you will receive nothing but love from locals.

5. Asia: Taiwan

If you are from or travelling in Asia, the freedom to love may not always be a granted right.

Many parts of society and culture in Asia remain conservative and rigid. Which is why Taiwan has created so much waves and noise with their friendliness towards the LGBT community!

Not so long ago, Taiwan was being featured all over the news for being the first country in Asia to potentially pass a bill that would legalise same sex marriage. This process is still in progress but Taiwan has definitely set an example on the Asian continent.

If your looking for a relaxed times, with great food and friendly locals, Taiwan would definitely fulfil all of those.

6. South America: Uruguay

We hardly hear about this country tucked away on the South American continent.

However Uruguay is one of South America's most friendly LGBT countries and is renowned for being a choice of residence for many gays and lesbians.

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The country has taken the lead in promoting laws that defend transgender rights. In 2009, Uruguay passed a law that now allows transgenders to amend their official documents according to gender identification.

Around the world many are fighting for the LGBT community to have the same rights as anyone else.

Whilst waiting for the freedom to love to be our right anytime anywhere on the planet, we're super glad some LGBT friendly countries have made a clear stand for us.

Love is universal. It cannot and should not be stopped by borders.




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Written by

Sabrena Jefri