Want To Lose Weight? Then Follow These Fitness Instagram Accounts

Want To Lose Weight? Then Follow These Fitness Instagram AccountsWant To Lose Weight? Then Follow These Fitness Instagram Accounts

From certified yoga trainers to cycling instructors to fitness enthusiasts, these fitness experts are giving us major FOMO!

Let's be honest, for most people Instagram is simply an addictive application that allows you to sit on it for hours at a time. You can stalk your favourite celebrities or stare at pretty pictures, connect with like-minded people or, just document your lifestyle.

But in this process, some people often end up motivating others. Especially when it comes to fitness. While documenting their own journey, they unintentionally become influencers.

So when we ourselves wanted some fitness inspiration, we didn't have look elsewhere but browse through at Instagram.

And not surprisingly, we found the top fitness Instagram accounts to follow in Singapore. These ladies are honest and document real-life transformations, which is just the kind of push we need. 

Top Fitness Instagram Accounts To Follow In Singapore

So without any further ado, let's take a look at the top fitness Instagram accounts to follow in Singapore. 

1. @sandrarileytang

In case you are trying to recall where you may have seen Sandra Riley Tang, let is remind you that she is a part of The Sam Willows, the famous Singaporean pop music band. 

The talented singer tried her hand at yoga in 2014 and hasn't looked back since. She even took a yoga teacher training course and started her own yoga studio.

Tang often posts images and videos of herself performing several challenging poses for her 89.5k strong Instagram followers. Interestingly,  she has even shared her yoga journey on her feed. 

2. @hanadoesyoga

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If you thought yoga is just for a handful of 'flexible' people, let Hana give you the right inspiration. Often seen doing seemingly difficult poses and curling herself up in pretzel-like positions, Hana shares her yoga journey with her followers. 

Through short clips, she also demonstrates the poses that most people believe that yoga is just for a handful of people. But her growing following (15.6 k right now) is proof that her method is motivational and doable.

She is a Certified 250hr YTT (Yoga Teacher Training), which means whatever you watch on her Instagram is totally legit.   

3. @jasminedanker

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If you are more of a gym junkie, then perhaps this 28-year-old can give you just the fitness inspiration you need. Born in Malaysia and raised in Singapore, Dankar is a professional trainer at UFit Singapore.

She isn't just a gorgeous face posing selfies with her dog, but can lift weights that can put body builders to shame. 

But the good news is that she posts short clips of very doable tricks at the gym and is certainly an inspiration for her 23.k followers.

4. @kirstiegannaway

For those who love a challenge in life, Kirstie Gannaway is the one to follow. She has eight years of boxing experience, in addition to five years of Muay Thai and two years each of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. 

She also happens to be a Singaporean female professional MMA who was inducted to the One Fighting Championship. This, in addition to becoming the second professional (female) MMF fighter to be inducted in the Evolve Fight Team.

Her 14.5k and growing Instagram following is proof that her gruelling training resonates with her followers. 

5. @fayhokulani

  A post shared by Fay Hokulani ? (@fayhokulani) on

With a 21.5k followers on her Instagram, Fay Hokulani has become one of the formidable motivational voices in Singapore. As the cycling instructor at Absolute You, model and yogini, Hokulani serves us some major body goals and seems to have her fitness game on point.

Having suffered from anorexia as a teenager, Hokulani is now determined to help others overcome their insecurities. No wonder then most of her Instagram posts are motivational. 

So if you really need some fitness inspiration, look no further than these ladies. 

(Feature & lead images courtesy: Instagram)

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Written by

Deepshikha Punj