11 New Albums From Female Asian Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now

11 New Albums From Female Asian Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now11 New Albums From Female Asian Artists You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Listen up and update your Spotify playlists accordingly.

Tired of listening to the same old songs? Inject fresh energy into your playlists by listening to these new albums and EPs from top female Asian artists.

It's safe to say that 2018 has been a good year for Asian music. We're just halfway through 2018, but the new music we've been hearing from top female Asian artists have been blowing us away.  Give them a listen and see for yourself.

1. Hana Vu - How Many Times Have You Driven By

Will make you: Wish that you were this cool at 17. Yes, that's how old Hana is. Her songs are dark and broody enough to capture all the emotional turmoil of adolescence, but doesn't get melodramatic at all — perfect for those of us who haven't completely gotten over their angsty wallflower phase.

2. Red Velvet - #CookieJar

The perfect soundtrack for: When you're feeling extra peppy and hyper and you just wanna hold onto that good mood, pop on some Red Velvet and skip — don't walk — to your next meeting/class/shopping trip. (JFYI: you might've noticed that this doesn't sound Korean, and that's cause it's not. This is the girls' first Japanese album!)

3. Isnina - Isnina

Ideal for: Destressing after a long, long day. Listening to Isnina's honey-smooth vocals is like getting a massage for your mind. Just sit back, take a few deep breaths, and let her voice work through the knots in your brain, leaving you fully relaxed.

4. Meiting — Don’t Worry! I’m Not A Bad Person (别担心!我不是坏人)

Listen during: Sunday drives, when you've got nowhere you need to be and you just want to enjoy cruising around the city. If only life were always this easy.

5. Joie Tan - Joie

Just what you need when you're: Full of longing for a lost love — but not, like, being pathetic about it or anything. You've got this. It's all good.

6. Moira de la Torre - Malaya

For when you're: Still full of longing, but now you're sorta being pathetic about it. (That's okay. We've all been there.)

7. NIKI - Zephyr

For when you finally realise that: You're way too sexy and awesome to be putting up with people's crap.

8. Coeli - Here Today

The perfect antidote for: Feelings of hopelessness that seem to be part and parcel of adulting in 2018. The songs on Here Today are so full of unbridled optimism that even the most cynical of us will find it hard not to believe again.

9. Blackpink - Square Up

Why you'll love it: You know those days when you wake up just itching to cuss someone out? But when you feel like starting a fight, don't. Just head to the gym, put on Blackpink's EP Square Up (where each song is combative AF) let that aggressive energy out with a few minutes on the treadmill.

10. Saay - Claassic

Sounds like: If Lauryn Hill and Brandy came together and made a baby, and the baby sang in Korean, that would be Saay. For those of you who miss '90s R&B and hip hop but also want something new, then this record will be right up your alley.

11. Maris Racal - Stellar

For when you're in the mood for: Uncomplicated, unapologetic pop. Because really, sometimes a simple melody is all that you need.


Listen to the latest albums from these top female Asian artists here: