We're Calling It! These Are The Top 2018 Hair Colour Trends For Women

We're Calling It! These Are The Top 2018 Hair Colour Trends For Women

If you're in the market to try something new, take a cue from our ultimate guide for the top 2018 hair colour trends for women.

We're half way through 2018 and it's already clear that some hair trends are going to stay. Over the past few months, we've seen a dramatic shift from platinum blonde to chocolate brown and rusty copper. But there are many more styles that have made the cut to our top 2018 hair colour trends for women. 

Top 2018 hair colour trends for women

So if you're in the market to try something new, take a cue from our ultimate guide. These trends are a lot buzzier and are taking hair trends from last year a step ahead. 

1. Chocolate brown 

We can all take a little inspiration from Priyanka Chopra who changed her rich brown colour to a more dimensional chocolate brown shade. 

This look is courtesy of Sharon Dorram, the master colourist at Sally Hershberger Salon who rightfully predicted that 2018 is the year of warmer hues. So if you are looking at changing up your own brown hair colour, but don't want to experiment too much, take a cue from Ms Piggy Chops herself. 

2. Cayenne Spice

Along with brunettes, the red haired gals can also rejoice this year because their natural colour is now a trend. Many girls now want to try the Cayenne Spice shade, which is basically streaks of golden blonde infused into natural red hair.  

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Take a cue from Emma Roberts, who had been championing the cause of Cayenne Spice with her gorgeous glossy mane. So just in case you are planning to shake thing up a bit now that this colour is perfect for those with green or blue eyes and cool skin tone.  

3. Below the ears ombre

The ombre, which is essentially gradually faded colour is perhaps one of the most favoured styles this year and rightfully so. It is easy to manage, looks natural and can suit all skin tones. 

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Our pro tip is to get this style of hair with a lob. A short hair length ensures that the effect is visible, looks modern and above all is easy to manage. Take a cure from actor Jenna Dewan to know how to style this hair colour. 

4. Dark brown

If the queen of social media can teach us something, it is about fashion trends. Take it from Kim Kardashian to start a new trend every so often and this year she has been seen sporting the ever-so-popular jet black hair with a hint of dark brown.

Irrespective of your hair length this dark brown colour is again easy to manage and very complimentary to Asian skin tone. We suggest going the Kardashian route and styling your hair straight. 

5. Cream soda

For all those gals with cooler skintones and naturally light brown hair, cream soda adds the right amount of dimension. It's a dirty blonde shade that falls between icy platinum and golden blonde and gives you a sun-kissed look. 

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It's also a great option for those who might have slightly darker brown hair colour and want to go lighter this year. So instead of going completely blonde, this is a good in-between option. 

Irrespective of which one of the top 2018 hair color trends for women you decide to pick, there is one crucial thing that binds them all together and that is their care. 

5 ways to care for the top 2018 hair colour trends for women

You may know that coloured hair has different needs as compared to untreated hair. So to keep your new hair colour looking shiny and your mane healthy, here are a few things you must do on a daily basis.  

1. Trim your tresses in time 

Getting a trim is as important as using a shampoo to wash your hair. Both keep your hair healthy and clean. A trim after every six weeks ensures that you do not have any split ends and that your hair remain in good shape and condition.

Not to forget, going to to a salon for a quick snip also ensures that your coloured hair are always well-styled. 

2. Use sunscreen for hair

Just as your body needs sun protection, your hair also need the same in order for the colour to last long and your mane to remain healthy. We recommend the SHISEIDO Ultimate Sun Protection Spray (S$40.33), which can be used for body as well your scalp and hair. Additionally, you can also use water-based products to clean and moisturise your hair. 

3. Condition on time 

Coloured hair tends to be drier than untreated hair and so it needs extra TLC on your part. Make sure to add a deep conditioning routine once every week. We recommend using the Intercosmo Leave In Treatment IL MAGNIFICO (S$50). It is a leave-in conditioner that you can wear and sleep with and comes in an easy-to-spray format.

4. Limit the colour changes 

As tempting as it is to follow a new hair colour trend every month, it can do more damage to your hair than you can imagine. Each time you get your hair coloured, more chemicals are added to the mix, further drying out your hair. So limit the colour changes to once every four months whilst making sure you condition and care for them regularly. 

5. Go easy on the tools

Each time you wash your hair, you may be tempted to reach out for the dryer or the curling iron, but avoid it as best as possible. Using multiple tools in your hair makes them porous and it doesn't let the colour stay on for longer. So if you want your colour to last longer, let them dry naturally.   

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