Kim K Wore A Dangerous Mugler Gown And Pulled It Off Without Any Nip Slip

Kim K Wore A Dangerous Mugler Gown And Pulled It Off Without Any Nip SlipKim K Wore A Dangerous Mugler Gown And Pulled It Off Without Any Nip Slip

Kim Kardashian wore one of the vintage Thierry Mugler dresses for the 5th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards and pulled it off without a wardrobe malfunction

If you're a millennial you probably aren't well-versed with French designer Thierry Mugler. He is a visionary perfume creator, costume designer, photographer and is famous for his OTT Thierry Mugler dresses. 

While he's been out of the limelight for quite a while, his work recently made headlines when Cardi B wore one of the vintage Thierry Mugler dresses to the Grammys. And most recently when reality television star and beauty mogul, Kim Kardashian donned a risqué vintage Mugler (from the label’s Spring 1998 couture collection) for the 5th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards. 

Kim K Wears One Of The Most dangerous Theiry Mugler Dresses

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She was attending the awards in her capacity as the founder of KKW Beauty.

Needless to say the cutout dress was OTT and calling for attention and a serious wardrobe malfunction. It had a thigh-high split and a velvet bodice panel. But what really stood out (literally and metaphorically) was the bold torso. It had harness-inspired straps, two of which were strategically cut to hide prevent the nipples from being exposed. She paired her outfit with perspex heels.  

A leap of faith dress, if you may. 

But she was feeling it (in her own words). She even tweeted, “You know that mood when you’re really feeling your look.” 

So in that feeling, Kim K pulled it off and managed to keep the dress taped well into her throughout the night. You may say that with it matching wrist straps, and a velvet torso panel, the Mugler design fit her perfectly. 

However, her fans were not having it. They weren't very impressed by her selection.

Fans Rip Into Kim K For 'Ruining' One Of The Iconic Theiry Mugler Dresses 

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Most felt that a dress such as one of this Thierry Mugler dresses was more suited for somebody with a more slender figure. While some made funny jokes about the dress being worn the other way around. 

Here are some samples.

But this isn't the first time Kim K has worn one of the vintage Theiry Mugler dresses. Earlier this month, she wore a red snakeskin-print gown that was also iridescent.

This outfit was created in 1983 and we know Kim K loves herself a vintage look. She's donned many archival Versace and Gaultier looks before. 

Fashion Critics, Please Calm Down. It's 2019!

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This time there was a lot of noise from 'fashion critics,' who thought it best to tell Kim K that she wasn't looking classy. Or that she didn't represent a 'mommy of three (and now four).'

Well, the response to those comments was perhaps best given by fast fashion brand FashionNova, who quickly copied the design. And even after Kim K lambasted them for doing so, they reportedly came out to share that they were 'inspired' by the fashion icon that is Kim K.

The fact is, how she chose to wear it and where she chose it wear it, was entirely her decision. And honestly, its 2019 people. Let a girl live and wear what she chooses to. Because as much as this society wants women to observe the 'clothing standards' set by them, it pains most to see those rules broken. Kim K is a classic example. She choose to do as she pleases and we're all about that. 

But we still have a few questions, Kim.

How did you get one of these Thierry Mugler dresses to stay put for the entire night, gurrl? Was this whole thing taped? And most importantly, how do you get to be married to Kanye West and walk around with a hottie like Chris Appleton? 

Shell out your secrets! 

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