The Sam Willows Is Finally Back With Their Sophomore Album!

The Sam Willows Is Finally Back With Their Sophomore Album!

The multi-award winning Singaporean pop band The Sam Willows is finally back with their sophomore album and we are freaking out!

I repeat. The. Sam. Willows. Is. Finally. Back.

The multi-award winning Singaporean pop band — comprising siblings Benjamin and Narelle Kheng and their friends Sandra Riley Tang and Jon Chua — recently announced their comeback through Instagram. 


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The Sam Willows Is Finally Back!

The band that shared that they are returning (after their 2015 platinum-hit The Heart) with their latest offering I Know, But Where on July 6. In fact, they even released a list of all of their 11 songs, four of which were already released as singles a few days back.

During an interview, the quartet sat down and spoke about their long-awaited sophomore album.

Speaking about the album, Jon revealed that the best part about the new album was that it included a lot of different kinds of songs. "You can choose any song from the track list that fits your mood," he said.

Benjamin also pointed out that they wrote about topics they’ve never tackled before. He said that the new album gave them the opportunity to widen their spectrum.

But added that they also wanted to create something that listeners would relate to. Interestingly, for this particular album, the band also chose to bring together other artists. They even flew to Sweden to work on the songs with other songwriters and producers!

In case you missed their album, here's the song list in their latest album.  

  • Baby Don't Shy
  • Keep Me Jealous
  • Lie Like A Lover
  • Thirsty
  • Say So
  • Papa Money
  • Need Your Number
  • Save Myself
  • Robot
  • Time We Try
  • Drive

Now, while we wait for this new album to drop, let’s listen to (some of) their best songs so far!

1. Take Heart

This chart-topping 2015 song can inspire any listener.  The first line, “Take heart, this world is ours; Run high and fast now they’re coming for us,” captures our hearts in an instant.

The melody and lyrics are both light and fun. Listening to it makes us want to go on a drive and dance around a campfire at a beach party. For reals tho!

The song (with almost 1.6 million views) was also the title track for their debut studio album and was one of the chart-busters of 2015. 

2. For Love

For Love is a song for all ye brokenhearted. It accurately describes how it’s like to be in a near-ending relationship but not giving up.

The band sings about giving their all for love but not receiving the same from the other end. Ouch! But awesome!

3. All Time High

After a hit followed by another, The Sam Willows then released their third single, “All Time High,” in 2016.

The music video is as interesting as the song. It follows the lives of four couples, where two are in a happy relationship while the other two are going through a rocky patch. However, towards the end of the video, you will see that the happy relationships turn sour and those going the rocky roads end up happy. 

Lesson learned: every relationship has its ups and downs! But at the end you will always be each other’s All Time High!

4. Keep Me Jealous

Another song on our list is "Keep Me Jealous."

If you've heard this before you know why this EDM song gives us The Chainsmokers feels. And in case you didn't know, that's because it was co-produced and co-written with Fredrik Häggstam! He was responsible for the American duo’s song, “Paris.”

The band’s guitarist and vocalist Jon Chua gave us some details about the song in an interview. “We wrote 'Keep Me Jealous' all in one day, and recorded its vocals at the end of it,” he said.

Although the music video is aesthetically colourful and fun, the lyrics make it a great club song addition. And it's part of their latest album. 

5. Glasshouse

The band worked with five-time Grammy award-winning producer Steve Lillywhite for this song. This peppy number has already become a favourite among millennials. And in case you missed it, might we add that it is addictive. You may end up humming the line “say you love me” on repeat. You've been warned. 

Now that The Sam Willows is finally back, we can’t wait to get our hands on all their album. What about you?

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