A Blow-By-Blow Breakdown Of The Looks Served In The Carters’ "Apeshit!" Video

A Blow-By-Blow Breakdown Of The Looks Served In The Carters’ "Apeshit!" Video

The Carter's "Apeshit!" video fashion is totally lit and takes the viewers through the gorgeous Louvre Museum!

Mrs. and Mr. Carter aka Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently surprised their fans with the release of their newest song “Apeshit!”. The power couple delivered a fashion-forward art and history lesson through their aesthetically-pleasing music video that was shot at the Louvre Museum, Paris.

Not only did they take their fans on a trip through the museum but put on display a wealth of luxury fashion. As they moved through the video, first as spectators and then as pieces of art, the cameras panned through the Parisian landmark capturing every fashion moment and even outfit change.

Instead of focussing Louvre’s masterpieces and setting them to their music, the video instead sees the artwork connecting to each of their looks. The video directed by Ricky Saiz features the works of 2600 BC’s Great Sphinx of Tanis, to Ary Scheffer’s Francesca da Rimini and Paolo Malatesta Appraised by Dante and Virgil.

It’s interesting that instead of choosing to go with more colonial outfits, stylist Zerina Akers picked up the most recent luxury pieces from the runway to dress the power couple.       

The Carters’ Apeshit video fashion: Blow-by-blow

Still, the duo’s modern outfits beautifully matched the classic artworks in the museum. We walk you through The Carters’ Apeshit video and break it down style-by-style.

On Beyoncé

1. Versace

the carters apeshit video fashion
No, not on the floor, honey. Beyoncé wears Baroque inspired Versace (straight from the runway) in the music video.

2. MCM x Misa Hylton, Y/Project

the carters apeshit video fashion
In the scene where they were seen standing in front of the Great Sphinx of Thanix, the singer dons MCM x Misa Hylton leather. She also wears a pair of Y/Project knee-high boots.

3. Stephane Rolland, Alexis Mabille

the carters apeshit video fashion
A white couture dress by Stephane Rolland has also made an appearance in the music video. Beyoncé then added the Alexis Mabille cape over her dress.

4. Burberry

the carters apeshit video fashion
Remember that scene where Beyonce dances in front of a painting in checkered leggings and bra? Well, both pieces are from the brand, Burberry!

5. Balmain

the carters apeshit video fashion
A pearl bodysuit from Balmain also made a special appearance in the music video. It was matched with a pear scarf, too!

6. Peter Pilotto

the carters apeshit video fashion
In the scene where the couple are seen standing in front of Mona Lisa, Beyonce wore a pastel pink-piped Peter Pilotto suit with a deep neckline and some major bling.

On Jay-Z

If you thought Beyonce was the only one prancing around in designer outfits, don’t be fooled. Jay Z wasn’t far behind, donning one runway look after another! 

1. Gucci

the carters apeshit video fashion
Jay-Z wore a pair of Gucci loafers in the same scene where his wife was also wearing Versace. In another scene where he stands in front of the Louvre, he can be seen wearing a Gucci suit.

2. Dries Van Noten

the carters apeshit video fashion
No doubt Jay-Z adores the suits from Dries Van Noten. He wore a dark one along with his Gucci loafers. He also wore a pastel green suit in the scene starring the Mona Lisa!

3. Alexander McQueen

the carters apeshit video fashion
Also during the Sphinx scene, Jay-Z was clad in double-breasted blazer Alexander McQueen pieces and looked every bit the rap royalty that he is.

4. Givenchy

the carters apeshit video fashion
This famous brand is also a part of the Apeshit music video. Jay-Z was seen wearing white Givenchy clothing while standing on the stairs in front of the Winged Victory of Samothrace sculpture.

5. John Galliano

the carters apeshit video fashion
Finally, one of the suits worn by Jay-Z is by the famous John Galliano. Although the lighting might be confusing, the suit is light pink and lit!

At this point, the Apeshit aesthetic might have inspired you to step up your OOTD game. However, The Louvre is in Europe and is miles away from home! But worry not, because Her Style Asia is here to help you with your next Instagram photoshoot.

Here are five museums in Asia that give off the Louvre-like feels so you can star in your own music video!

1. Chimei Museum, Taiwan

the carters apeshit video fashion

Image courtesy: Chimei Museum

This museum in Taiwan houses “mainly of Western art, musical instruments, arms and armour, animal taxidermy and fossils.”

In fact, there are a lot of Ancient Greco-Roman to 20th century sculptures to see, which makes it perfect for your next Louvre-inspired Instagram shoot!

2. The National Museum of Western Art, Japan

Next on our list is The National Museum of Western Art that was established in 1959 and houses a vast Matsukata collection. It also includes art from the Renaissance period uptill the early 20th century.

If you’re planning to go to Japan one of these days, you might also want to catch the special exhibit, Michaelangelo and the Ideal Body (poster seen above)!

3. National Museum of the Philippines

Another one on the list is the National Museum of the Philippines that houses Juan Luna’s huge oil-on-canvas painting, the Spoliarium.

The famous painting earned Luna a gold medal from the Exposicion de Bellas Artes (Madrid Art Exposition) in 1884. The word Spoliarium is of Latin origin, meaning the basement of the Roman Colosseum where they dump fallen and dying gladiators. Do you need any more history on your Instagram feed? 

4. National Gallery Singapore

the carters apeshit video fashion

Image courtesy: National Gallery Singapore

Two of Singapore’s national monuments–City Hall and former Supreme Court–were restored and transformed to house the National Gallery.

It is also the largest public collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia. And most certainly make for a fabulous backdrop for your pictures. 

5. The Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi

the carters apeshit video fashion

Image courtesy: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Of course, we cannot miss Louvre, Abu Dhabi from this list. The Agence France-Museums supports it, which means it is under the same umbrella as the Louvre in France. The museum also showcases a combination of French and Arabic architecture.

However, it is not a copy of the Louvre in Paris. Still, this museum is a good place to take pictures.

If you’re a history buff, Mr and Mrs Carter’s video might have served as a good reminder to visit a few historical places. And if you’re not–well you can always use the museums to add some great Instagram backgrounds. 

(Feature & lead images courtesy: YouTube)