An Exclusive Interview With Mix Fenix On "Sunset", Her Second EP

An Exclusive Interview With Mix Fenix On "Sunset", Her Second EPAn Exclusive Interview With Mix Fenix On "Sunset", Her Second EP

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter's been busy.

Late last year, friends and family gathered around Mix Fenix as she launched her second EP Sunset. We caught up with her at the end of the gig, and she said yes to answering a few questions about Sunset by Mix Fenix. 

Behind Sunset by Mix Fenix: An Interview with the Artist

Congratulations on your EP launch! How did it go?

It went really well! While this was the second event that I ever put up from scratch, I was involved in the ins and outs of the whole thing from the recording and creatives to the nitty-gritty like sponsorships and partnerships. Also, I got to make new connections and friends in the industries involved. I felt like I really needed this experience!

As for the launch itself—wow. That morning, I woke up thinking “today’s the day!” I was so excited to showcase my music and take another step forward into what I feel like I’m really meant to do with my life. The crowd was awesome, the opening performers were, too. Everyone who helped make it happen was super supportive. I especially am grateful for my family, my prod team, my band, and my manager-producer and partner Patrick Angeles, who went out of their way to make sure it as successful as it was.

What is Sunset by Mix Fenix about?

Sunset is for the creative night owls who dream while the sun is still shining. It is when the sun comes down that they can finally unwind and face the realities of their personal lives. Sunset tells stories about these people. It is filled with all sorts of emotion and stories that its listeners can relate to.

Who did the artwork on it?

The album cover was made by Lorenz Raymundo—my super talented undergrad batchmate! He was super accommodating with the edits I wanted to make but was still able to make it his artwork (you know what I mean?). The colours he chose were perfect and he was spot-on with what I wanted while still putting in elements that were his. Check him out on Twitter: @OrangeLorenz

What songs influenced your writing of this album?

"Slowly" was actually inspired by Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” where he sings about his lust over a girl at the bar. "Slowly", on the other hand, is a story about a girl lusting over the guy; but doesn’t want to seem too desperate, so she wants to take it slow. I just wanted to emphasize that women can make the first move, too.

"Sunset" was inspired by Dusty Springfield’s song “Spooky”. "Sunset" is really about embracing your fears, just like the song it was inspired by. More on that later. 

Do you have a favourite song on Sunset by Mix Fenix?

My favourite song lyrics-wise is "Exile." It's about a woman who is trying to cope with her husband’s affair. She feels excluded from his life even though her world revolved around him, and it’s as if he sent her away from the home that she built for the both of them.

It also talks about a toxic, manipulative relationship she had with him, especially in the pre-chorus where her husband says, “I know I acted foolish, but you made me do this don’t you act so clueless. My honey—oh, my cherrypie—to protect you is why I lie.”

In terms of the message, my favourite would have to be "Sunset". It's pretty much like a call to arms in the new world that everyone is afraid of. The message behind "Sunset" is that you need to embrace your darkness in order to strive and survive. 

“You may hear the fear closing in on you, dear,
and that is why I am here to keep you on the clear.
In the darkest hours of hope’s dimmest lights,
Turn your demons away to conquer the night.”

Which one was the hardest to write and why?

"Insomniac." Actually, what we recorded is actually the second version of the lyrics. Originally, it was about me coping with my sleeplessness (because I used to see faces or heard things at night that kept me up). I also tackled personal issues where each verse represented a person who I felt I hurt, or vice versa, in life. But it was so personal that I ended up changing the lyrics.

Instead, "Insomniac" is now pretty much the story of the girl who is the epitome of the people who find it difficult to cope with their fears—the people who "Sunset" is all about. She feels dead in the day where she has to live in her normal, boring life.  It’s only when she sees her love at the end of the day that she feels alive again. Everything makes sense, He becomes her vice, even though she knows that she needs to learn to cope with her problems independently sooner or later.

“She rises from her grave,
‘I feel alive again,’ she says.
Yet the next morning, she takes her last breath again.
We need more poison to take away the pain.” “’I see the light,’ she says,
‘I need more time, so then,
Take me one step back into your room, and I’ll
Love you like yesterday.”

How do you know the other acts that played?

They’re really good, talented friends of mine!

I met Mikkie at a gig in El Chupacabra (NOT a paid sponsorship, but they have REALLY good burritos there, guys! Hahaha). Mikkie has been especially supportive of my music. I would message him and rant over the problems I was having throughout the whole process, while he would give me advice on what to do. Super friendly guy with a super badass act. Gotta love the authenticity in artists these days. I hear he has something planned for this January 2019! Keep an ear out!

As for Lunar Landings, I met them through mutual friends at Mint College. They’re a great bunch to hang around and their music is a great blend of genres. Pam’s voice is to die for! I’m in love with their Four EP. Listen to my favourite, "Hummingbird," on Spotify!

So second EP… do you have plans to make a third soon?

Soon!! Very soon. I just need some time to breathe, I guess. It’s my last semester of college next year (thank God!), so I’m going to make the best out of it. I’m the kind of person who likes to dedicate her time on one thing at a time, but tends to say yes to everything, so that’s something I think I should improve on this 2019. Maybe I should learn to multitask better, or maybe I should learn my limits. I don’t know yet for sure, but I do have a strong feeling that 2019 is going to be a big year for all of us!

But yes, Sunrise might come out very soon (oops, spoiler?)! It’s not over yet for me… I’ll keep you posted. 

Listen to Sunset by Mix Fenix here:

You can also order the physical copy of Sunset by Mix Fenix on her Facebook page: Mix Fenix.

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