New York Fashion Week: The 11 Street Styles You Want To Cop

New York Fashion Week: The 11 Street Styles You Want To CopNew York Fashion Week: The 11 Street Styles You Want To Cop

The street style at New York Fashion Week continues to mesmerise and mint new icons. Take your pick from metallics, plaids, chunky jewellery and more

Its fashion week at the Big Apple and the debate between whether true style begins on the ramp or off it ensues. On one hand, brands are putting their freshest spring summer collections out on the runways. On the other, street style New York Fashion Week continues to mint new icons.  

Now, we won't reveal where our loyalties lie. But we will help you look to the streets for our current style inspirations. After all, that's where the industry's IRL creative interpretation can best be seen.

Top 11 Street Style: New York Fashion Week 2018

Kicking off the fashion week season, the chicest of girls (from across the globe) have been out and about starting their own versions of new-trend parties on the street.

And even though there is a slight nip in the air (in New York), these girls have managed to find clever ways to showcase some of the biggest trends this year without overheating chunky knits. 

So without any further ado, scroll down to see the hottest of trends this year and spring summer 2019. 

1. Deconstructed shirts 

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Don't worry if your tailor didn't stitch you the most perfect shirt this time. Deconstructed shirts—with collars flailing about one shoulder and buttons going up about the other—are all the rage.

And if you want to DIY, simply push back the shirt, convert it into an off-shoulder and you are good to go. 

2. Animal prints 

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The 90s are back and we are not complaining. Animal prints, whether leopard, snakeskin or tiger print are back with a vengeance.

Only this time, not only are they on the runways but also on high street shops. The most popular style of wearing animal print is on a midi skirt ATM.  

3. Midi skirts 

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Speaking of midi skirts, they are all the rage, as they should be. Comfortable, relaxed and able to hide the food baby, a midi skirt is a versatile addition to the wardrobe. Plus, its taken over New York Fashion street style.

The best way to pair a midi skirt is with a casual tee and sneakers for those casual college days or a more structured white shirt with a large collar. 

4. Metallics

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No matter how much you love your neutrals, there should be at least one metallic piece in your wardrobe. If you're a fashion girl, you'll probably already know this. And if you're just getting into it, its time to get your hands on some metallics. 

Be it it the form of a skirt, shirt, coat or accessories, get those metallics in your closet today. Take your cue from the New York Fashion street style icons. 

5. Belt bags

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All the 90s kids know how much fanny packs were loved. And it seems they are back with a stylish twist. Luxury brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Marni, and Chloe among others have released some of the most gorgeous belt bags and high-street is following suit. 

So if you do not wish to buy designer handbags, you can always shop at high-streets to look just as boujee.  

6. Slogan tees

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This one is perhaps a comfort wear for most of us. A good 'ol slogan tee can be paired with literally anything-- skirts, denims, leather and even on top of slinky dresses.

Plus, its one of the trendiest pieces of clothing in New York fashion week, at least on the streets.   

7. Chunky gold accessories 

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If you love browsing through your Instagram for fashion inspiration, you already know that gold jewellery is a big trend this year. From layered necklaces to chunky gold earrings, everything is all about that yellow colour. 

But if you don't like chunky statement jewellery, you can even try delicate pieces and layer together. Also, just so you know, ear jewellery is also pretty big this year. So use this as your excuse to get more piercings if you haven't. 

8. Solid co-ords 

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For all those girls who love the colour on colour look, this is your year. Take a cue from this street style New York fashion week influencer and add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. 

Since short denim skirts is already a staple in most boujee wardrobes, adding a similar coloured-jacket could lend you a fashion week look. 

9. Structured suits 

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If you're a fan of structured and well-tailored suits, 2018 is certainly the time bring them out and flaunt them as you do. From single colour to multi-colour coordinated, every type of suit is in at the moment.

And the New York fashion week is giving us major inspiration as far as this piece of clothing is concerned. If you love a bit of polished style, take your cue from this fashion influencer and add a bit of posh spice to your closet. 

10. White trainers 

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Yes, you day is finally here. If you love stocking up on white trainer (ummm, who doesn't!) then its time you take them out for a walk. Pair them with denims, dresses, skirts, whatever you like, literally. 

White trainers are all the rage this season and the coming one as well, thanks to luxury brands that have invested heavily in this genre. You'll see fashion bloggers, models and even actors walking around in these bad boys.  

11. Plaid

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  A post shared by Tamara Kalinic (@tamara) on

Finally, the one trend that most young girls dread to try, the plaid. Yes, your grandmother's favourite pattern is back but with a more boujee twist this time. Plaid midi skirts are hot right now and so are oversized plaid jackets. 

And even if you live in a tropical country, this pattern won't look out of place. Its fresh, bright and lends a polished look. We are taking cue from fashion influencer Tamara. 

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