How To Tell Your Man A Sexy Bedtime Story And Enjoy A Sizzling Hot Night

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"Once upon a time, there lived a very lonely girl..."

If you’re new to dirty talk, finding stories to tell your boyfriend to turn him on can make you feel a tad awkward. But don’t get discouraged. It’s not rocket science — once you get started and figure out what gets him going, it’ll come more naturally.

Dirty talk can make sex extra hot because it helps build up the anticipation. Slide next to him in bed and let him feel your warmth, but don’t let him touch you just yet. Before you get down to business, wait until you’re both hot and bothered, which won’t be long, we promise.

But how do you come up with stories to tell your boyfriend to turn him on? Read on to find out.

Stories To Tell Your Boyfriend To Turn Him On: 6 Easy Tips To Try

1. Ease him into your world

stories to tell your boyfriend to turn him on

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As with any story, you have to set the scene first. It can start out perfectly innocent, like: “Once upon a time, there lived a lonely girl.” You don’t have to come up with an entire backstory, but because men are visual creatures, paint him a picture. What is your character wearing, for example — a cumbersome dress with lots of buttons? Or just a lacy slip? Or nothing at all? Tease him with these details and watch him go wild.

2. Describe one of your hot encounters together

The memory of that time you made out in the back of his car like two high schoolers always gets excited, so why not relive the memory? It won’t just turn him on, but will also increase the likelihood of a repeat of that hot makeout session.

3. Play around with his fantasies

stories to tell your boyfriend to turn him on

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Perhaps your man has fantasies about having sex in space, or on a stage with people watching. The wilder the fantasy, the more you have to work with. Knowing just what your man wants is a sure way to get him going. You might not be getting it on in a space shuttle anytime soon, but you can make it feel a little real for him through your words.

4. Get smutty

If you’ve read your fair share of erotica, you’re probably all too familiar with the kind of vocabulary we’re talking about. For example, you don’t just kiss, you taste, nibble, lick, bite, and swallow. Here’s a great guide for words you can use, but don’t overthink it. Just get acquainted with them, and use what feels natural.

5. Read him passages from erotica

stories to tell your boyfriend to turn him on

Even though these sexy bedtime stories can just be incredibly simple, you might still not be confident enough in your ability to create a story from scratch. In these cases, you can simply turn to your favourite erotica book or website (there are tons of free erotica sites on the Internet for you to choose from), and read him passages that get you excited. Chances are, if they work for you, they’ll work for him.

6. Find your own happy ending

The best part about these stories to tell your boyfriend to turn him on is that you don’t have to come up with a happy ending alone. Once you get things going, just go with the flow and have fun!

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Marga Guangzon