This Amazing Pillow Will Keep Your Partner's Arm From Going Numb While Spooning

This Amazing Pillow Will Keep Your Partner's Arm From Going Numb While SpooningThis Amazing Pillow Will Keep Your Partner's Arm From Going Numb While Spooning

Cuddlebugs rejoice!

If you or your partner can't cuddle for long periods of time because someone's arm always goes numb when spooning, then this spooning pillow is a godsend. 

Made of foam shaped into a tunnel, the Coodle pillow lets you be the little spoon for as long as you want without squashing your partner's arm. And though the Coodle pillow is ideal for spooning, you can also enjoy its benefits by your lonesome, using it to sleep on your side or simply prop your head up while watching TV or using your phone. It's also travel-friendly, so you can easily take it camping or on a road trip.

The Coodle pillow was invented by real-life couple Bob and Shirley. The idea for it came about when Shirley was lying on Bob's arm while watching TV (and probably gave him pins and needles). Bob, who has a degree in industrial arts, came up with a tunnel-shaped pillow, and the rest is history.

Without a Coodle pillow, you'd have to constantly adjust yourself to stay comfortable and prevent cramping, but with it you can essentially cuddle for as long as you please.

You can purchase one for US$65 on Amazon.

Why You Need A Spooning Pillow: The Benefits Of Snuggling

In case the discomfort of spooning for long periods of time has turned you into a non-snuggler, this spooning pillow might be all you need to get the benefits of cuddling, such as:


Spooning triggers the release of oxytocin, a happy hormone that's been linked to bonding and sexual arousal.

More intimacy

There's a reason why relationship therapists recommend spooning to couples. Sex coach Pam Costa tells Men's Health that five minutes is all it takes for most couples to feel closer emotionally.

It can easily lead to sex

As mentioned above, spooning can trigger sexual arousal, and can also serve as a sexual position that's ideal for when you're a little sleepy or even lazy.

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