The Best Split Ends Remedy To Solve This Problem Once And For All

The Best Split Ends Remedy To Solve This Problem Once And For AllThe Best Split Ends Remedy To Solve This Problem Once And For All

These are the best split ends remedies to git rid of and prevent this problem from ever happening. Say goodbye to hair woes once and for all.

Among the many vanity problems girls have to deal with are split ends. One can only dream of having a personal hairstylist who is ready at the drop of a hat as one of the many split ends remedy. A girl can dream, right! 

So what are split ends and why are they such a pain? 

According to hairstylist Cash Lawless, "a split end is when your hair splinters due to damage to the oldest part of the hair shaft." Lawless who is known for his work with famous celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, is an expert on the subject and has the best tricks up his sleeves, as far as split ends are concerned.

If split ends are not treated properly, they can "lead to what most people consider breakage, which is when the hair breaks at a point that makes the strand significantly shorter than the unbroken hair," Lawless tells Cosmopolitan.

Even though split ends are commonplace due to wear-and-tear or ageing, all is not lost. In this modern age, there are solutions to prevent split ends, but also fix them when they inevitably appear. 

Scroll down to find out how you can deal with this annoying problem using various methods from brushing smarter to cutting to hydrating the hair!

The Best Split Ends Remedy: Your Ultimate Guide 

1. Brush Smarter And Avoid Going Hard

Not brushing your hair softly and going hard at it can cause splits. "Stop brushing your hair like you're chopping wood," Cash advises. "Hair is fragile, so treat it delicately," he adds.

Listen to the sound the brush makes as you comb through your hair. It tells if you are being too rough. Keep going if it is silent, but a scraping or ripping sound means you are doing too much. Make sure you're using the right tools to brush your hair, too.  

If silent brushing sounds impossible due to too much entanglement, start from the bottom and work all the way up the hair to gently detangle. Do not rip the brush from the roots to ends, as it might damage the hair.  

"I recommend a metal bristled detangling brush like one from Raincray, along with a detangler comb," Cash says. "These two products combined will significantly reduce wear and friction," he adds. You can also try Coco & Eve's Like A Virgin Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque And Tangle Tamer Set (S$65). Or, 

2. Stick To Lowest Heat Setting

Another split ends remedy is to realise that the heat setting on the straightener and iron does matter. A lot more damage can be inflicted with higher heat up till 450 degrees. Instead, turn down to 285 degrees, or else, slowly increase the heat until desired results are achieved.

"You’ll need to take smaller sections with lower heat, and it may take a bit longer, but trust me—if you can keep the heat below 350, it’s bye-bye split ends," advises says.

3. Work With Clean Hair Only

"Most oils and heat don’t work well together on hair," says Cash.

"If, for example, you accidentally leave conditioner in your hair, or don’t rinse it out all the way, you might be cooking your hair instead of styling it," he adds.

This might result in split ends as well, so make sure to get rid of all product buildup and excess oils before styling. You can try Tangle Teezer The Original Detangling Hairbrush ($12.00), or, GHD Platinum Styler (S$249).

How to Get Rid of Split Ends 

Next, you will start getting rid of the split ends and your bad habit of picking at them.

1. Be Nice To Your Hair 

Do not pick or tear at the split ends. "When you snap the hair at the ends, you’re using friction to scrape the cuticle, along with force to snap the ends," says Cash.

"When you stretch and break off the split end, you're basically laying a red carpet to welcome more split ends at even a shorter length," he adds. 

2. Get A Hair Cut Regularly

Sometimes, a tangible form of split ends remedy is to eliminate and cut them off, since they cannot be pieced back together again. Not looking to go shorter?

Try hair dusting instead, which removes split ends without sacrificing length.

How to Disguise Split Ends

1. Put On Some Product

Slap on the right products if there are frazzled ends after styling. Smooth them with some shine serum, such as the Colorwow Pop & Lock Gloss Treatment for a little pow-wow to dry ends.

2. Hydrate A lot

To further treat the split ends, use shampoos and conditioners that prevent further breakage. Try the Kente Bond System by Seven, including a shampoo, conditioner, and reparative spray, with amino acids to help mitigate damage.

3. Use Mask Often

A cost savvy approach would be to attempt an at-home mask to rejuvenate damaged and dry hair. Coconut oil masks are great for leaving hair shiny and smooth after one use. You can try Colorwow Pop & Lock Gloss Treatment (S$20), Kente Bond System by Seven ($88), or Oribe Split End Seal ($48).

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