Get A Taste Of L.A.'s Most Effective Workout From Former Hollywood Stuntman Xavier Quimbo

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So many classes, so little time — here's one workout that'll give you the results you've been looking for.

Gone are the days when women shied away from lifting heavy weights at the gym. Strong is in, and we're totally here for this trend. New fitness classes are popping up everywhere in the region, but the question is: which of these workouts will give you the best results? Well, you can't go wrong with a workout that's been lauded as Los Angeles' most effective — Speedplay. And luckily for Manila fitness buffs, Speedplay LA founder Xavier Quimbo will be holding a Speedplay workshop in Manila this weekend. 

Brought to the Philippines by Power House Academe, the Speedplay Bodyweight Workshop is open to fitness professionals and instructors and will be held at Rockwell Atletica on March 17, 2019, from 9 am to 4 pm. (Though the workshop isn't open to everyone, this is good news for amateur fitness buffs as well, as it likely means Speedplay classes in Manila!)

 Get A Taste Of L.A.'s Most Effective Workout From Former Hollywood Stuntman Xavier Quimbo

Speedplay Workshop in Manila: What Is Speedplay?

Speedplay is a high-intensity interval training workout like no other. Conceptualized by former Hollywood stuntman and fitness expert Xavier Quimbo and chiropractor Dr. Ryan Pendon, Speedplay is a challenging and, most importantly, super effective class for beginners to seasoned athletes. Each 60-minute class is fast-paced and dynamic, changing every day to keep each workout session interesting, efficient, and fun. Music is also an important component in each Speedplay class, and you can look forward to working out to an energizing playlist every time.

"Speedplay is part HIIT, part strength and resistance training, and part mobility training, all wrapped up in a 'race against the clock' sense of urgency," says Quimbo. Each class includes a warmup and light stretching, followed by running, rowing, and floor intervals. It's the kind of workout that'll give you bang for your buck — each workout burns up to 900 calories during class, and you'll keep burning calories up to 48 hours after class.

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