Sun, Sand, And Super Chill Sounds: Here's Your Next Favourite Beach Playlist

Sun, Sand, And Super Chill Sounds: Here's Your Next Favourite Beach PlaylistSun, Sand, And Super Chill Sounds: Here's Your Next Favourite Beach Playlist

Cause you're going to need the perfect soundtrack for those days on the seaside.

A day at the seaside isn't complete without the right songs to set the mood. Here are some new songs about the beach, perfect for sunbathing and sipping frozen daiquiris to.

22 Songs About The Beach For Your Next Oceanside Romp

1. "SUMMER" by The Carters

Let's make love in the summertime, yeah
On the sands, beach sands, make plans
To be in each other's arms, yeah
Let it breathe, let it breathe
I wanna drown in the depth of you, yeah, yeah
When the water's so blue

2. "Girls from California" by Lucie Silvas

Oh, he only wants those girls from California
Beach-blanket doves that'll carry his heart away
Blue eyes, golden hair
Sun on the skin like it's always been there
He only wants those girls from California

3. "God Save Our Young Blood" by BØRNS, Lana del Rey

God save the ocean, God save the breeze
Save the words from my lips, save the birds, save the bees
Baby save me one last sip while you strip on the beach
I'll save you in the waves if you swim too deep

4. "Bonnie & Clyde" by Vance Joy

Hey babe, I know the way
To a little stretch of beach
Where we can lose ourselves
Don't matter where you've been
You jump into the water and you come out clean

5. "In Dreams" by Empress Of

We went to the beach that night (that night)
The breeze swayed us back and forth
Now I know it's just your appetite
And I'm here wondering what it's all for

6. "It Probably Matters" by Interpol

By the seaside then
On the beach with my friends
Wanna see you dive in
Beyond the reef it's thriving
On the beach we're rising
Wanna see you dive in

7. "Whole Wide World - Unpeeled" by Cage the Elephant

Is she lying on some tropical beach somewhere
Underneath a tropical sun?
Pining away in a heat wave there
Hoping that I won't be long?

8. "Every Revolution" by Take That

There's a wave coming in to break
The tension as we crash upon the beach
Up ahead the blanket full of stars
A pencil sketch to lie down underneath

9. "Happiness" by The Darkness

I went for a dip in the ocean
Shook the sand out of my locks
You've got me feeling emotion
Let us make love on the rocks

10. "X" by Prince Royce, Zendaya

Ex loving with my ex-lover 
Escaping once again to that ocean that we used to swim in

11. "Sunsets For Somebody Else" by Jack Johnson

I know I've seen your face somewhere
Selling something, some big idea
I know I've seen that vacant stare
Selling sunsets for somebody else

12. "Telefono" by Phoenix

I painted the house
I bought sheets that you liked on that trip when we went to Rome
And I got a motorboat for the summer
In case you're done early or if you plan to visit
But wait, do you plan to visit?

13. "Feels Good to Be High" by WALK THE MOON

Close your eyes, the wave is just about to break

14. "On + Off" by Maggie Rogers

Take me to that place where you always go
When you're sleeping or your day takes you low so low
When I'm on and off again
On and off again on and off again, oh

15. "Lighthouse" by Minus the Bear

In my mind, I am higher than the sea
I escape, falling into you on the screen
My memory, taken like the violent sea
Try to swim, the ocean sinks this vessel, me

16. "Pool" by Paramore

You are the wave
I could never tame
If I survive
I'll dive back in

17. "Summer of Love" by NOTD, Dagny

Oh, why you catching feelings
Under the sun?
Oh, there is only freedom
In the summer of love

18. "Coconut Tree" by Shakira

Under the coconut tree we stay
Fall and crush into me like a wave
You bring the fool out my cool
Baby, use your tools
Make me wanna change my ways

19. "OCEAN SURE" by Ne-Yo, Candice Boyd, Sam Hook

Sometimes our love is clear blue waters
But sometimes those waves come crashing down on me
And I can't breathe
I need you to rescue me

20. "Electric" by Alina Baraz, Khalid

Darker than the ocean, deeper than the sea
You got everything, you got what I need
Touch me, you're electric, babe
Move me, take me from this place

21. "Don't Wreck My Holiday" by Black Saint

I'm just sitting sippin' rhum and Cola on my own
Try to catch a moment in the sun
I'll fly the ocean, I ain't trip without a phone
Matter of fact, I left in the room

22. "In Too Deep" by Why Don't We

Used to be scared of the ocean
'Cause I didn't know how to swim
I took one sip of your potion
Now I'm just divin' right in

Listen to the entire playlist of songs about the beach here:

What are your favourite songs about the beach? Share some of them in the comments below!

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