Yes, Yes, YES! 10 Delicious Sex-Positive Anthems About Consent

Yes, Yes, YES! 10 Delicious Sex-Positive Anthems About Consent

Here's the sex-positive playlist about mutual desire and the undeniable sexiness of an enthusiastic "yes".

It's not hard to find songs about sex. Over 90% of hit songs are about sex — the pursuit of it, the having of it, the celebratory dance after it... you catch my drift. But songs about consent? Those are a little more difficult to come by.

That's a huge shame — we need more sexy songs about consent because consent is sexy.

I mean, what could be hotter than someone verbally declaring that yes, they want you too? So here, we did a little digging to round up some of the sexiest songs about consent to drive that point home.

1. "Green Light" by John Legend ft André 3000

Got an obsession, of us getting down
Come just a little bit closer
I just need permission, so
Give me the green light

He sees this girl at a party. She's hot. So's he. He's interested, and she seems to be as well, but he won't do anything about it until he has her permission. And that, my friends, is the perfect illustration of how sexy respect is. If John Legend's sultry voice can't make you see that, then nothing will.

(P.S. Don't miss this gem in the André 3000's verse: "I wanna see what your bed's like / But if I be your buddy, get you studied, is yo' head right?")

2. "What Do You Mean" by Justin Bieber

Oh I really want to know
What do you mean, ooh
When you nod your head yes
But you wanna say no

Because Justin acknowledges that sometimes our partners aren't clear about what they want in bed, this song has been accused of promoting rape culture. But hear us out: yes, he sings about how frustrating getting explicit consent can be, but the whole song is literally him asking for a clear answer.

In other words, if your partner hasn't given a clear "yes", hold your horses and ask them what they mean. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

3. "Slow Down" by Alicia Keys

See there's so much about you that I want to explore
Physical attraction we just can't ignore it
But before we go too far across the line
I gotta really make sure that I'm sure

Being sex-positive doesn't mean being ready to bang at the drop of the hat. If you want to wait, that's cool. In "Slow Down", Alicia Keys acknowledges her attraction to the object of her affections, but also wants to be 100% sure that she's ready before she takes the next step. And she makes it sound so damn sexy at the same time.

4. "Say Yes" by Gibbz

Say yes if you wanna get freaky tonight
We can wait till everybody is gone
And then we'll turn off the light

Plenty of folks think that asking for consent is an awkward conversation, but the disco beat in this indie bop shows that it can be painless and even fun.

5. "Spread" by Outkast

Nature knows that I want you, but
Not unless you want me too, so
Spread, spread for me

In "Spread", André 3000 knows what he wants, and he isn't mincing his words. But he won't do anything about it unless the desire is mutual. As it always should be, ladies and gents.

6. "Want to Want Me" by Jason Derulo

Girl you're the one I want to want me
And if you want me, girl you got me

Nothing could be sexier than having someone declare that they want you, which is specifically what Jason Derulo sings about in this catchy song. Just check out this verse: "You open the door wearing nothing but a smile / Down to the floor / And you whisper in my ear, "Baby I'm yours" / Oh, just the thought of you gets me so high, so high."

7. "How Do You Want It" by 2Pac

Tell me is it cool to fuck?

Being a "fool in lust" isn't an excuse to be completely oblivious to your partner's needs. As he raps about growing up in the hood, making millions, and gang violence, Tupac recognises that good sex isn't just about getting what you want in bed.

Ask your partner what they're cool with. If that approach is good enough for Tupac, it should be good enough for you.

8. "Come and Get It" by Selena Gomez

You ain't gotta worry, it's an open invitation
I'll be sittin' right here, real patient
All day, all night, I'll be waitin' standby

In this sexy track, Selena Gomez sings about wanting someone's love so badly, but being patient, declaring it in the chorus: "When you're ready, come and get it."

Good things come to those who wait. ;)

9. "Say Yes" by Floetry

We can take that step to see
If this is really gonna be All you gotta do is say yes

This has the same title as the Gibbz song, but it's completely different, trust us.

In this early 2000's song from Brit duo Floetry, the girls sing about having a lot to give, but still waiting on their lover's cue before they make their move.

Because yes, even girls should ask for consent. (We really shouldn't have to spell this out, though. It's 2018, people.)

10. "Let's Talk About Sex" by Salt-n-Pepa

Let's talk about sex, baby
Let's talk about you and me

We're wrapping up this rundown of songs about consent with an oldie but a goodie. This classic from Salt-n-Pepa is all about communication and being comfortable simply talking about sex.

After all, there's no better way to have great sex than to just say what you want. No more mind games and guesswork. You and your partner will be happier for it.