Sulwhasoo Lip Serum Makes Headline After Appearing On Song Hye Kyo's Boyfriend Show

Sulwhasoo Lip Serum Makes Headline After Appearing On Song Hye Kyo's Boyfriend ShowSulwhasoo Lip Serum Makes Headline After Appearing On Song Hye Kyo's Boyfriend Show

Amorepacific claimed that the Essential Lip-serum Stick from Sulwhasoo increased in demand after appearing on Song Hye Kyo's Boyfriend show

Leading South Korean cosmetics conglomerate Amorepacific, recently claimed that its Essential Lip-serum Stick from Sulwhasoo increased in demand. This, after appearing on popular South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo's Boyfriend, the television show.

The soap, also called Encounter, showed the actress using the lip serum. Post which, its sales flew off the charts.

This, after Song came onboard as Sulwhasoo’s brand ambassador. She first debuted as its muse in April 2018, and was chosen for her inspiring ways and “versatility as an actress with incredible charm," according to a statement.  

Son was previously the face of beauty brand LANEIGE for almost 10 years. She also made an impact on the brand when shooting the popular Korean drama series Descendants of the Sun. She even helped draw media attention to the brand after she wore its makeup in one of the episodes, which became an instant hit in March 2016.  

Lip Serum Steals The Limelight On Song Hye Kyo's Boyfriend

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After Boyfriends' actress Song appeared on the hit TV show with shade No. 4 Rose Red from the Lip Serum range, it became an instant online sensation.

The product was first launched in 2015, and comes in a variety of 12 shades, with the latest released being in September being the No. 59 Autumn Red.

According to the brand, the collection is fully formulated with safflower complex and camellia oil, while eliminating dryness and protecting the lips with layers of water and oil. Additionally, the red blossom extract gives a hint of natural tint to the lips.

The lip serum also helps to puck up and give a firmer, and fuller-looking lips, leaving them all vibrant and plump up. Additionally, it brings out the lip's natural vibrancy and enhanced its vitality.

Guaranteed to be a new must-have, it is also great for cooler seasons, as it keeps lips hydrated, while looking all soft and puckered up. Take it from us, even if the gloss is ineffective after two hours, the lips will not be chapped or flaky.

With a strong focus on the lips, the brand also released its Essential Lip Mask in September in two varieties. One to add moisture and another for recovery. But if you don't get your hands on this Song Hye Kyo's Boyfriend star lipstick, worry not. We've got some more options for you. 

Top 5 Best Lip Serums To Try In 2019

Besides the Sulwhasoo serum stick, there are other similarly great Asian brands to try on for lip products that not only keep you hydrated, but also looking all puckered up.

1. RMK Lip Jelly Gloss, $36.00

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Available in 11 fun-loving shades, RMK released the lip gloss range that promises a thick, plump full pouting lip with a sparkling finish. It may look bright, but goes on sheer, so you can wear alone, or layer over a bright lipstick.

Along with its moisturising gel formula, this shimmery, glossy fuchsia lip gloss will be your go-to.   

2. Cle de Peau Beaute The Lip Serum, $118.00

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Catering to a higher priced clientele, this lip serum is much praised for its sheer rejuvenating and restoration properties for chapped, dry lips. Packed with anti-ageing ingredients like rosehip oil, the product also enhances and plumps the lips to appear defined and luminous.

3. Missha Essential Care Lip Treatment, $10.00 

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This lip balm is moisturizing and results in smooth, hydrated lips, while protecting against dryness. Plus, it has SPF 15 to prevent wrinkles and ensures a long-lasting wear too. This lip balm is a must-have, all year long.

4. Skinfood Tomato Jelly Tint Lip, $9.00 

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Give your lips a long-lasting, moisturising jelly tint and a pop of colour with this lipstick. With build-able properties, layer on the colour from strong red to angelic baby pink. This lip stick will guarantee a subtle touch of moisture, colour and shine.

5. SKINRx Lab MadeCera Lip Balm, $9.60

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This lip balm can nourish and soothe dry, chapped lips while leaving it with rich, long-lasting moisture. Free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, you can expect less dryness and flakiness with consistent use.

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