Is Obsessing Over Your Social Media Image Making You Miserable? Here's What You Should Do

Is Obsessing Over Your Social Media Image Making You Miserable? Here's What You Should DoIs Obsessing Over Your Social Media Image Making You Miserable? Here's What You Should Do

Stop obsessing over looking happy and actually BE happy.

Ah, social media—it has given us so much, but at what cost?! Take, for example, our sense of spontaneity. Now, one doesn’t just do things for the sake of doing them. With our social media obsession, everything has to be documented, filtered to death, then uploaded for all the world to view, like, and comment on.

It's time to stop feeding our social media obsession

Though we might not admit it, most of us are guilty of doing something just because it’d look good on the ‘gram.


social media obsession

Why? The better to keep up with that one classmate from the elective back in sophomore year!

I mean, she constantly uploads photos of herself in exotic places, her eyebrows constantly on fleek, her style so effortlessly cool it almost pains you to look at her. If you don’t try to make an effort, how would that make you look? Huh??

No, really. What do you think would happen if you stopped being obsessed about how you present yourself to the world, and start focusing on being authentically you?

If your social media habits aren’t a problem for you, then congratulations. This sermon article isn’t for you.

But if you’re spending way too much of your money just to make it seem like you’re more “successful” than you really are, then perhaps you should dial it down a tiny bit. If your obsession with getting likes and views has become the basis for your happiness, then that’s a real problem.

How do you stop your social media obsession? Here are a few tips you can keep in mind.

1. Take a social media fast

social media obsession

This is probably exactly what you didn’t want to hear, but if you find yourself falling into the comparison trap far too often, it’s a must. Take it from someone who’s been there—it really helps.

After you break your fast, you’d be surprised at how little you care about social media anymore. Now, I rarely log onto Facebook, and only occasionally scroll through my Instagram feed. Stop feeding your desire to one-up your peers, and it’ll die a natural death.

2. Do something awesome. Then, keep it a secret

social media obsession

Ever wanted to learn how to do calligraphy? What about rock climbing? Or how about just going to a cool restaurant by yourself? Do something out of your comfort zone, something really cool, and—here’s the real challenge—don’t tell anyone about it.

(Okay, fine, tell your friends in person because you did an awesome thing and you deserve all the high fives, but resist the urge to tweet about it. You get what I’m saying.)

3. Remember: Instagram ≠ Reality

social media obsession

Your old classmate’s vacation photos? They’re from one trip she took three months ago. She just took a looooot of photos. Today, she’s likely doing the same thing you are: sitting at her desk, reading articles instead of working.

Instagram shows just a tiny fraction of someone’s life, and a very staged one at that. She whitened her teeth and removed blemishes with an app. She took almost a hundred photos before settling on the one she really liked. Instagram doesn’t show how she got a piece of parsley stuck in her teeth later that day, or how her feet have blistered from walking around all day in the most impractical of heels.

This post was republished with permission from Asian Money Guide.

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