#FlawlessSkin: How Instagram's Skincare Influencers Can Help You Get Great Skin

#FlawlessSkin: How Instagram's Skincare Influencers Can Help You Get Great Skin#FlawlessSkin: How Instagram's Skincare Influencers Can Help You Get Great Skin

Instagram is also a fantastic tool to get some skincare inspiration and these skincare influencers are proving just that

Instagram is no longer the place to share where and what you ate or wore. It has become an incredible source of inspiration. Just a few swipes can lead you to endless scrolls of visual artistry, ranging from makeup to beauty, and more styling ideas that you will ever need. What you don't suspect though is that Instagram is also a fantastic tool to get some skincare inspiration. And skincare influencers are proving just that. 

There are many skincare influencers and gurus who fill their feed with endless flat-lays of images of their favourite products. Since they try and test each product, they know exactly what works and what doesn't. 

So if you're looking for a skincare product suggestion and honest reviews, we suggest you head over to their pages. Trust us ladies, these skincare influencers know their skincare and are forthcoming to answer questions from followers. 

7 Skincare Influencers Who Are Changing Lives  

#1 Fiddy Snails

Skin type: Normal 

  A post shared by Jude Chao (@fiddysnails) on

Why you should follow: Jude Chao, the blogger of Fifty Shades of Snails is the brains behind this successful Instagram account. The San Diego resident's reviews on Korean beauty brands and those available in South East Asia are smart and extremely thorough.

Her account with 32.3k followers is a must for newbies and K-beauty enthusiast who may be looking for new skincare holy grails. You must also keep your eyes peeled for her Instagram stories where she features unboxing and some no-holds-barred reviews. 

Instagram handle: @fiddynails

#2 Orchids And Peonies

Skin type: Combination and sensitive skin 

  A post shared by Fiona (@orchidsandpeonies) on

Why you should follow: Following a brief stint in Shanghai, the Sydney-based Fiona is the face behind the blog and the Instagram handle Orchid and Peonies.

With over 18.8k followers, orchidsandpeonies is filled with flat-lays of newly launched skincare products, which Fiona personally tries. Her reviews are honest and she is particular to point out the affordability of products.      

Instagram handle: @orchidsandpeonies

#3 Snowwhite And The Asian Pear

Skin type: Combination and sensitive 

Why you should follow: Snow, the K-Beauty superhero behind this popular Instagram is quite an active blogger. She always has an interesting and science-backed review up in her blog and is known for her in-depth knowledge on the subject. 

If you are K-beauty or skincare regime beginner, this Instagram feed is a must-visit. With 19.9k followers, Snow is only expanding her reach far and beyond and her honest and well-written reviews are the reason.  

Instagram handle: @snowwhiteandtheasianpear

#4 Peeping Pomeranian

Skin type: Very dry skin, non-sensitive

Why you should follow: If we could give you any more reasons to follow cute dogs on Instagram than "they're super cute" we would. But this one we recommend for his in-depth knowledge on skincare.  

Amy, the pomeranian mum and blogger brain behind Peeping Pomeranian uses her two dogs Coco Puff and Pancake in most of her Instagram pictures. But that shouldn't take away from the fact that her in-depth and researched-based reviews are the backbone of her cutesy handle that boats of 10.8k followers. 

Instagram handle: @peepingpomeranian

#5 Moiko Beauty 

Skin type: Combination, dry and acne-prone

  A post shared by Sonia - 소니아 ? (@moikobeauty) on

Why you should follow: The Spanish-speaking Sonia from Moiko Beauty is passionate about Korean skincare and you can see that in her Instagram account.

With 14.6k followers, Moiko Beauty is fast climbing up the ladder as an up and coming skincare influencer accounts. Sonia's reviews are honest and her products are a good mix of Korean as well as international brands. 

Instagram handle: @moikobeauty  

#6 Ryan Raroar

Skin type: Acne-prone

Why you should follow: The Singapore-based Ryan Sim is the latest male 'beauty blogger' to join the bandwagon and calls himself the Cushionholic Gent.

He is "drawn to all things neat and pretty" and that seems to be the theme running through his feed with over 10.1k followers and counting. Ryan reviews a whole bunch of Asian and K-beauty brands and they work well for anybody who has an acne-prone skin type. 

Instagram handle: @ryanraroar

#7 The Beauty Wolf

Skin type: Dry and sensitive 

  A post shared by The Beauty Wolf (@thebeautywolf) on

Why you should follow: Coco Park, mum-of-two and a Montreal resident, is a blogger and the co-author of the book Korean Beauty Secrets. Professionally a makeup artist, Park's Korean in-laws inspired her to get into K-beauty.

Through her Instagram account that reached her 7,337 followers, Park shares new finds from Western and K-beauty brands and shares her own skincare routines from time-to-time. Her interest in K-beauty regime and her in-depth reviews that include an explanation of the ingredients make her stand out from the rest.

Instagram handle: @thebeautywolf

The next time you are on the hunt of some much-needed skincare inspiration, head over to the handles of these skincare influencers. And if you do try some of their recommendations, share your stories with us. 

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