Single On Valentines Day? Here Are 7 Things You Can Do Today 

Single On Valentines Day? Here Are 7 Things You Can Do Today Single On Valentines Day? Here Are 7 Things You Can Do Today 

If you are single on Valentines Day, you can still celebrate and make this day about you

When you are single on Valentines Day, you feel like the only person without a date. It's also easy to get swayed by all the advertising on this day, making you feel that you are missing something important in your life. But that's absolutely not true! 

Love cannot and should not be celebrated for just the one day. It's just another reason to dress up and have a little fun. However, if you are single on Valentines Day, either by choice or out of circumstances, you can still celebrate and make this day about you. Celebrate your life and show some appreciation for yourself. 

Single On Valentines Day? Here Are 7 Things You Can Do Today 

For many singles Valentines Day can cause a bit of anxiety. But turn this anxiety into a wee bit of celebration by indulging in your favourite activities with your favourite fellow gal pals. 

1. Ignore Valentine's Day 


Yes, you read that right. Everybody around you might be acting all mushy and loved up, but honestly, its just another day. Take it as that. Don't let all the advertising, and the cards, and the flowers fool you into feeling bad for yourself. February 14 is just another day of the year and there is no reason to pretend otherwise. 

However, if you are a party animal and feel left out, don't wait for others to invite you, throw one yourself. Organise a wine pot luck, call up your single gals and ask them to bring their favourite bottle home. Just make sure you've got your cheese and cracker board ready. 

2. Love Yourself 


Make it a day to treat yourself well. You can take a day off, sleep in, go out shopping to gift yourself some jewellery, or engage in your favourite activities. You can even use this day to list your goals and share important milestones in your gratitude journal. After all, there is a lot to be thankful for. 

Its important that you show yourself compassion and love to truly enjoy this day with yourself. And if you don't want to do all this alone, ask your BFFs to join in the fun and make a day of it. 

3. Be Your Own Secret Admirer


No matter if you are single on Valentines Day or not, being your own secret admirer is always the best thing to do to boost your self confidence. Send yourself some flowers and chocolates at your work place and pretend as if you don't know anything about your secret admirer. C'mon, its funny! 

You can even send yourself a letter or a handwritten note proclaiming your love for yourself. Better yet, send yourself pictures of your favourite moments and frame them in your office. Do everything that makes you feel like a star today! 

4. Anti-Valentine's Day Marathon


Organise your own anti-valentine's day marathon. Invite your best gal pals, ready the popcorn and plonk yourself on the couch to watch the best anti-Valentine's Day movies. You can try movies like The Love Witch (a feminist homage to 60s horror), Closer (where leads try to see who is the most miserable in love), or The First Wives Club (women who are put on pastures by their lowly husbands).

Some other fun anti-Valentine's Day movies include A Family Stone (not a Christmas movies if you think about it) or even Gone Girl, Fatal Attraction, and Kill Bill

5. Reconnect With Old Friends 


If you're not in the mood for a movie marathon, how about a heart-to-heart talk with your closest friends. Call them to tell them how much you appreciate them in your life and that you want to send all the love to them. After all, they may been with you through thick and thin and deserve your gratitude. 

You can also go out to meet your old pals and make a day of it. Talk about your school or college memories, the fun times you've had. And if you want to be a bit boujee, send out love cards to all your friends with some chocolate to show them how much they mean to you. Everybody loves a good friend!

6. Brighten Somebody's Day 


You can be a good samaritan today. Do your one good deed of the day, you can help somebody out, or bring a smile to somebody's face. If you know somebody who has lost a close loved one, send them flowers and good wishes just so they know they are not alone. 

You can even volunteer at orphanages and old age centres today and share your one day with those who would truly appreciate your time. This will not only make them feel loved, but also make you feel like you've made a difference. And you would have. 

7. Don't Forget Your Daily Routine


Yes it's a day you can truly make special for yourself and those around you. But don't forget that its just another day and you still need to get back to your routine life tomorrow. So do all those activities you do regularly.

Go to the gym, get your coffee, go grocery shopping, clean the house, play a sport, go to the movies, the usual. Do whatever you normally do if you're single on Valentines Day. This will make you feel like its just another one of your regular days. NBD! 

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Deepshikha Punj