7 Signs That Your Girl Friend Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

7 Signs That Your Girl Friend Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

These are the most common signs a woman is interested in another woman

Space and privacy can often be a complicated subject among female friends. You might share everything with each other including your most intimate experiences. And if your female friend reciprocates with a soft touch or a hug, it can become difficult to fathom if that's out of concern or understated flirting.

Especially if you are straight and you think your girl friend is not. And if you are in such a dilemma, here's a look at the signs a woman is interested in another woman. These will help you understand if you friend is just being loving or is into you.  

7 Signs A Woman Is Interested In Another Woman

1. She comes out to you 

If your girl friend has a crush on you, there is a likely change she'll come out clean to you. And if that happens, the guessing game is out of the equation. You know the situation and you can take a call accordingly.

Although more often than not, chances of this happening might be slim, but still very much on the table. 

2. You can feel the 'love'

Women are naturally intuitive and they can tell if somebody has a crush on them or is just flirting. This is also the case for when your female friend is often trying to get too close to sharing extra concern only for you.

Trust your intuition, and whether you act on it or not, is entirely your discretion. 

3. She's mentioned being interested in another women before 

You know that your friend's sexual orientation because she has shared her interest in another women, with you. If you're questioning whether your female friend is interested in you, one of the first signs is their sexual orientation.

If she is, and you notice other signs of her inkling towards you, you'll know that she's interested in you. 

4. She goes out of her way to compliment you 

On any bad hair day, you can count on this one female friend to lift up your spirits and compliment you. Whether you are going to the gym, or coming to the office or shopping for groceries, if she spots you and she comes running towards you to compliment you, know that something's up.

She might event be flirting with you on more than one occasion. The only difference is that if she's flirting to bring attention to herself, it's not love. But if she does it and tries to create privet tender moments between the two of you, she's definitely interested. And seeking you out to openly flirt with you is a sure short signal. 

5. There's a lot of eye contact going on 

Somebody who has a crush on you is bound to make eye contact, rather constantly. It's not to check out what you're wearing but more like out of admiration and potentially, love.

This isn't something that most female friends do. So if it happens know that its something more than just a cursory glance. And if she continues to look into your eyes even when you look away, it should be clear that she'd definitely into you. 

6. She remembers the things you like 

While most best friends usually remember birthdates and anniversaries, this friend of yours remembers pretty much everything you like. From your favourite movie to colour and even knows what you don't like.

And she doesn't hold her knowledge back, and often tells you how much she knows about you. Sometimes she may even surprise you by knowing things about the people you love. It's just her way of showing how much you mean to her and how you have a special place in her heart. 

7. She asks you to hang out with her, alone 

If she's really interested and confident, she'll probably ask you out straight up. This, after a bit of eye contact and flirting, of course. But if she's shy, she might ask you to hang out with her, alone.

Perhaps after hours in the office, or at a place familiar to both of you. Basically, she might suggest a place that is a familiar territory for both of you. It might become a date or a just you might end up hanging with your colleagues. Either way, wanting to spend more down time with you is definitely one of the signs that she's interested in you. 

Now, if you've often noticed these signs, what will you do? If you're straight and have no interested in a girl, that's alright. You can simply tell your friend about your sexual orientation and make things straight with her. 

She might probably be upset at first, but she'll appreciate the honesty. But if you like this woman and you are interested to pursue things with her, you should share your feelings towards her. Communication is key and she'll be more than happy to know how you feel. From there on, you can decided how you want to take things with your girlfriend.  

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Deepshikha Punj