Should You Have Sex With Your Ex? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Should You Have Sex With Your Ex? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Anytime you wonder - should you have sex with your ex, ask yourself these questions.

Breaking up is never easy. It makes you wonder about a bunch of things. Should you have not broken up in the first place? Should you still talk to your ex or befriend him? Should you rekindle your romance and, should you have sex with your ex?

If you are thinking about the last question in a more ‘friends with benefits’ kind of way, chances are you are ready to move on. And that’s good news. But let’s take a moment here. 

While breaking up has the advantage of no emotional input, it cannot be completely thrown off the table. Especially, when it involves somebody you’ve shared so much with in the past.

So the question really is- Can you sleep with your ex without any strings attached? 

Should you have sex with your ex? Ask yourself these 5 questions first! 

Before you make any hasty decisions (and we’re not saying getting into bed with your ex is a bad thing), ask yourself a few questions. They will help you know for sure if you’re really ready to take this next step. Trust us, nobody wants to get entangled in a web of emotional B.S! 

So sit back, relax, maybe get yourself a cup of coffee and ask yourself these questions! 

1. Are you the kind of person who gets emotionally involved real quick? 

If you are crying just looking at this question, it’s pretty clear you’re not over your ex. So what’re you trying to prove by getting under him? See being emotional is not a sign of weakness, it reveals your sensitivity. But your overwhelming emotional attachment can mess everything up.  

You might want to get back with an ex who was, in the first place, just looking to have a ‘good time’ and not really interested in your feelings. So while he gets his, you don’t get yours. That’s why you really need to put your thinking hats on and understand why you want to sleep with him in the first place!

2. Are you positive you won’t fall for him again? 

A lot of time may have passed already for you to be able to answer this confidently with a “Yes, duh!” Because let’s get one thing straight, if you want to do this for the purpose of sex, then it might as well be your ex. You both know each others moves, are comfortable with each other and there’s no chance you want to do the whole emotional shebang again. 

In that case, you don’t really need to think much. When there are no strings attached and you know well enough that you won’t fall for him again, there shouldn’t be a reason to stop yourself. We say, go for it! 

Should You Have Sex With Your Ex? Ask Yourself These Questions First

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3. Why do you want to have sex with your ex in the first place? 

Think about it- there are over 7.6 billion people in the world. 7.6 billion! And yet, for some strange reason you just can’t find another sexual partner? That can’t be right. What’s going on here? Perhaps that’s really the question you should be asking yourself. Why do you want to get back only with your ex and not even look at any other option? 

The answer to this question can be as simple as these three options. You just want to get back with him because you’re an emotional mess right now or you couldn’t care less but just because he knows your address and get wine you’re okay with him. Or, you want to show him what he’s been missing. So, which one is it? Think about it. 

4. Are you following a pattern? 

Chances are this is not the first time your’ve wondered should you have sex with your ex. If you’ve done this before, there might be a pattern here and one that you should analyse. Why are you constantly feeling the need to sleep with your ex? 

It could be emotional or physical or even both. Maybe you feel you can get over somebody faster if you just had that one night of romp. Or you are thinking about rekindling your romance and this is just one of the ways you think would work. Either way, if it’s a patter you need to really think hard about it. 

5. What are you expecting from this? 

Finally, you’ve got to ask yourself about the future. Yes, the one thing you probably don’t want to think about is- what’s going to happen next? This question may even come up when you’re with your ex. Because even he might be thinking about this. 

Do you want to get back together? Are you expecting more than just sex? And if you’re thinking about all of this then perhaps this is not such a good idea. So stop right there and take a step back.

You might expect him to cuddle you after sex or call you the next day. And when he wouldn’t do any of those you’ll feel defeated and back to where you were. So why go that route at all! 

The bottomline is that anytime you think-should you have sex with your ex, ask yourself these questions. Chances are you wouldn’t need a friend or a counsellor to tell you what’s right. You’ll get it on your own.  

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Deepshikha Punj