How To Choose The Best Shirt Bra For A Seamless Look

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Your search for the perfect t-shirt bra for a seamless look is finally over.

Your bra can be many things. It can be comfortable, supportive, sexy, liberating, confidence-boosting and even restrictive. But there is one thing it’s not, and that is ‘invisible.’

You feel and look confident in a well-fitted bra and that can literally change your day. And if you live in your basics it is even more true for the workhorse: the shirt bra.

It is supportive and snug and can take you through the entire day. But finding the right shirt bra for a seamless look isn’t exactly the easiest task.

Ideally, it should be comfortable and seamless without your  breasts looking like melons hanging in a bag. But with more than a 100 styles out there in the market (and even more being added as you read this), making the right choice for a shirt bra can be confusing.

That’s why we have narrowed your search down. You no longer have to sieve through hundreds of bras at the store.

5 Features Of A Shirt Bra For A Seamless Look  

If the bra you chose checks all these following boxes, congratulations, you just bought the perfect t-shirt bra for a seamless look. So what are the features you should look for in a shirt bra? Read on to uncover.

#1 Fabric

When it comes to choosing the right t-shirt bra, the smoother it is, the better. Look for soft fabrics such as nylon, spandex or even polyester.

If you are not happy with the three traditional shirt bra fabrics you can try spacer fabric (a three dimensional knit that has an open weave) or memory foam (a foam that absorbs body temperature and molds according to the shape of the breasts).

The good news is that bra technology has developed quite a bit and that means there are newer fabric options for you to choose from.

#2 Versatility

You are obviously out in the market looking for a bra that is perfect for your t-shirt, but can you also wear it with your evening gowns?

Look for a t-shirt bra that is multipurpose and may have features such as removable or criss-cross straps, convertible backs, racerbacks or one that has seven-way adjustable straps.

Such bras can be a great investment since you can wear it with more than one outfit and take it from day to night.

shirt bra for a seamless look

If you have a big bust, look for wireless bra with wide straps as they provide a lot of support and can be worn for a long time. | Image courtesy: Pixabay

#3 Support and comfort

Perhaps one of the most important job of a shirt bra is to provide comfort and support. You want to feel as comfortable in the night as you did when you wore it in the morning.

So here are a few things to remember about comfort and support: a wireless bra provides the most comfort and fewer seams means it looks seamless under your clothes.

Second, if you have a big bust, look for wireless bra with wide straps as they provide a lot of support and can be worn for a long time.

Finally, if you do opt for newer technology we suggest going for memory foam because it adapts to your body temperature and moulds itself to suit your comfort.  

#4 Fit

The most important feature of a bra is its fit. Unfortunately, almost 80 percent women across the globe wear the wrong size. So how do you avoid being one of them?

Ideally, the band should be tight on the loosest hook, enough that two fingers can slide in between your back and bra. The straps should also not be painfully tight and your breasts shouldn’t be falling out of any of the cups.

This brings us to the other most important part of a bra fitting- the cups. Your cups should ideally sit flat and there should be minimum of or visibility where the cup ends and the remainder of the breasts begin.    

#5 Colour

While this may not seem like something to worry about, but it can be if you love wearing thin shirts and pastels. Ideally, you should look for a bra that is slightly darker than your skin tone.

This will allow you to comfortably wear your bra under white tees even under the brightest lights. This trick is certainly a lingerie faux-pas averted!

So the next time you head out to purchase a t-shirt bra, make sure to look for these features and select one that fits the bill perfectly.

Happy shopping!

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Deepshikha Punj