Serena Williams’ New Outfit At The US Open Is Everything! Fashionable, Woke And LIT

Serena Williams’ New Outfit At The US Open Is Everything! Fashionable, Woke And LIT

Serena Williams' new outfit at the grand slam has once again brought the question of unnecessary policing of women's body, back to the table

Serena Williams is often touted as one of greatest athletes that ever walked the surface of the earth. She's strong, fierce, focussed and relentlessness in her pursuit of victory. But like every other successful woman, Williams is also often judged for her choice of clothes and not her play. 

Williams recently stirred a debate with her US Open dresses that reportedly prompted the president of the French Tennis Federation to disallow one of them. 

The 36-year-old grand slam winner wore a tutu on her first round of the US open. Unperturbed as always, she rocked her outfit, owned the court and even did a cute twirl in her dress at the end of her game.

Naturally, her fans went berserk and had nothing but praise for the player. 

Serena Williams' New Outfit Was Fashionable And Practical!


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The tennis champion and a new mother wore a $500 (S$687.16) custom designed tutu by Louis Vuitton menswear designer Virgil Abloh. She wore the outfit with her Nike court flare trainers shoes and fishnet compression tights for her match against Magda Linette of Poland. 

Not surprisingly, Williams downed the 68th-ranked Linette by 6-4 6-0 in her first home slam since she became a new mother.

But it wasn't her game but her tutu that dominated headlines; even at the press conference where she was questioned about her outfit. 

To which the cool and calm Williams reportedly responded by saying,  "It's easy to play in. Kind of aerodynamic with the one arm free. It feels really good. Yeah, the tutu is easy to play in because I practiced in it before. That was fun."

The grand slam winner wasn't alone in her praise for the "aerodynamic" outfit. Twitterverse was equally excited. 

Serena Williams' New Outfit Got A Lot Of Love From Twitterverse 

Her fans and followers of the game who think that the federation needs to be more woke, collectively praised her outfit on Twitter.

Here are some of the tweets that made the most noise. 

And finally, some fans even called out the French Tennis Federation for clinging to patriarchal ideas while banning Williams' catsuit that she wore to the tournament in May. 

For the uninitiated, Williams wore a Wakanda inspired catsuit to the French open. She claimed that it reportedly helped her prevent blood clots. 

At the time, Williams wanted to bring about more awareness about her medical issues due to her pregnancy. But the French Tennis Federation didn't think the court was the place to be woke.

The Grand Slam event banned Williams from ever wearing the catsuit. 

Williams' Woke Catsuit Banned By The French Grand Slam


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As Huffington Post reported that while discussing the new dress code for 2019,Bernard Giudicelli, the French Tennis Federation President called out Williams’ celebrated outfit. 

“It will no longer be accepted. One must respect the game and place,” he reportedly said.

Even though it seemed like the Grand Slam had the last word on the matter, Williams had the last laugh. After admitting that she found another way to prevent blood clots, she quipped, “When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender.”

Well, woke or not, Serena Williams' new outfit has once again brought the question of unnecessary policing of women's body, back to the table. When will the men stop deciding what women must wear?

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